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KREA79 replied to topic Making your own baby wipes

I like using tissues and cetaphil cream. We have some dermititus issues and this has been the most effective. I just grab a tissue, wipe some cream on it then use it. Cetaphil does not have any par...

Saturday 05 November 03:13am

KREA79 replied to topic SIDS Paranoid!

I understand completely! When we had our second I was really scared as our first was stillborn at 38 weeks with no reason found. I was just terrified we would lose our second too. My obstetrican ...

Saturday 05 November 03:01am

KREA79 replied to topic New Sensation at 36 weeks

I also get that! I was seeing the physio and it seems to have a lot to do with the hips and loose ligaments. Shocking pain! I have a special belt that holds the hips a bit tighter and it does seem ...

Wednesday 26 October 08:48am

KREA79 replied to topic Fashion crimes......

When girls think there tights are opaque, but really seethrough and everyone in daylight hours can see their nickers. Funny but tragic!

Wednesday 26 October 08:45am

KREA79 replied to topic Just to say hello.

Hi, welcome to the forum! I guess you would be needing that coffee! I hope sleep training will help you both get some sleep!

Wednesday 26 October 08:38am

KREA79 replied to topic HELP - My brother hasn't invited my 12mth old son to his wedding!

All this, 'You should call him' is all good and well but she did state that herself and her brother were not really on very good terms. While her baby was ill, he didn't even CALL them so I don't ...

Wednesday 26 October 04:17am

KREA79 replied to topic HELP - My brother hasn't invited my 12mth old son to his wedding!

First i would just ask if he could come! At our wedding kids were most definetly welcome, but we forgot to invite our friend's child (oops). They just aksed if their son could come and I said of co...

Wednesday 26 October 04:10am

KREA79 replied to topic Tubes getting tide this Thursday arrrhhh

No one can decide for you! I must admit 25 is very young to have your tubes tied, but you do what is right for you and your children. If you are not ready then don't. There will always be other tim...

Wednesday 26 October 04:01am

KREA79 replied to topic When to start buying baby stuff

I would wait a little bit, because there are always sales through the year! If you are really keen then maybe just a few little things to start putting away like some grow suits or maybe a mobile. ...

Wednesday 26 October 03:54am

KREA79 replied to topic DD hiding food

I don't know if this sounds bad, but I would have said you don't need to hide food if you are full, just leave it on your plate. I know my son went through a faze where he wouldn't eat a lot of thi...

Wednesday 26 October 03:50am

KREA79 replied to topic Do you get your kids out of the car?

On the very few times a year I have my kids with me to get petrol at our small local station I have left them in the car, strapped in and locked. It is only a metre from the door and I am more worr...

Wednesday 26 October 03:42am

KREA79 replied to topic No photo's of us :(

I think it is actually pretty common! I only have maybe one or two and then you seem to be always taking the photos! If you are making a scrapbook/photo book why don't you include a bit of writing....

Monday 24 October 03:54am

KREA79 replied to topic Ladies with big boobs....

I was the same DD up to F. But they did go down when I stopped feeding and and dried up. Although it does depend too on whether you will go back to your prepregnancy weight.

Monday 24 October 03:30am

KREA79 replied to topic I want to start a mummy and baby Cafe

We live in Ararat and when we go down to Warnnambool we would definetly go somewhere like that. Good luck!

Monday 24 October 03:26am

KREA79 replied to topic Night time toilet training

I wouldn't worry about if she will be a long term bedwetter, she is still quite young. My son is a heavy sleeper and it took a few months to have him dry on a regular basis right through the night....

Saturday 22 October 03:25am

KREA79 replied to topic I finally forked out $950 for a...

After years of crapy vaccuums we forked out for a Dyson and I love it!

Saturday 22 October 12:00am

KREA79 replied to topic I am so sick of

I know i know! And my youngest waits till i am just starting to eat my dinner and goes mummy i need to do a poo!! Well bloody well go and do it then!! Yep I get the I need to poo either at the b...

Friday 21 October 11:55pm

KREA79 replied to topic Christmas on a budget

I guess the key is to not over do the amount of food! Nobody really needs leftovers for weeks in the fridge. We have always done a lunch and then for desert and to wear of some energy we have a pin...

Friday 21 October 11:50pm

KREA79 replied to topic Settling - Pacifier or Rocking

I know a lot of people say not to rock, but I have always done it with success. It's nice for them to have a feed then cuddle/rock before bed. I didn't have any issues with weening them of rocking ...

Friday 21 October 11:36pm

KREA79 replied to topic Where to sleep

I guess it would depend on how well your child sleeps through the night. If they are a really good sleeper then maybe a toddler bed. That was they will still have their same matress and sheets. If ...

Friday 21 October 04:12am
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