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Baby_Girl replied to topic COME! Lets make a list of our kiddies names!

Austin x1 Brayden x1 ( I was suprised not to see anymore Brayden's here) Logan Jesikah Victoria Matilda Aiden Evony Lilly x2 Izaak x2 (and same spelling) Kyan Gracie Jasmine Mahalia Jemma-lee Dylan...

Thursday 21 January 04:17am

Baby_Girl started new topic fisher price loving family

Hi All! I am trying to find the furniture accessories for the fisher price loving family or twin time fun. they were everywhere in cairns last year and this year they aren't anywhere. i really don'...

Monday 13 July 03:01am

Baby_Girl replied to topic Naming a child before they are born????

Yes! we had dd name picked out on the day we found out we were pregnant. DD was a surprise, but DF and I have always had names picked out since being together in high school. I like Ava and DF like...

Sunday 05 April 07:01am

Baby_Girl started new topic getting wee smell out of nappies

I am desperate! We decided to put DD in cloth nappies to assist her in night time TT. we have used cloth nappies on weekends since DD was 6 months (she goes to daycare during the week) however i ca...

Monday 16 March 08:20pm


My parents, brother and dad's mum lived together on our farm. Nonna (dad's mum) had her own house away from our house. She had a few issues, therefore just a few things i found: - parents have the ...

Monday 09 March 01:18pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic What is your Grandma/Grandad called called first and middle?

DF grandparents: Maternal - Leslie and Bob Paternal - unsure My grandparents: Maternal - Delfina and Gelindo (Italian) Paternal - Giobatto and Adelina (Italian)

Monday 02 March 08:57pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic Caesarians

How selfish! your family need to get over themselves. trying to recover after abdominal surgery that most people get to sleep and relax, but when it's a c-section you need to rest AND look after a ...

Saturday 10 January 07:29pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic Oh..................... My............................ God..................!

Although i do not believe in making a habit of sitting on the potty for extended times, sometimes sitting on the potty playing (instead of sitting on a chair or floor) can show children what can co...

Thursday 18 December 09:18am

Baby_Girl replied to topic I NEED HELP WITH TOILET TRANING

Hi, this might sound a bit harsh, but he is in a very comfortable position at the moment and doesn't seemed bothered wearing his wees (and possibly poos)in his nappies. honestly, i suggest setting ...

Wednesday 17 December 04:01pm

Baby_Girl started new topic what are your methods??

I was just wondering, do you ladies tell your child to go to the toilet every 30min or so, or do you let your child just wear underwear and have accidents until they figure it out? My dd (2yrs) wi...

Thursday 11 December 10:26pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic Planned or unplanned?

DD was a beautiful surprise, was on the pill and the doctor said i was too underweight to fall pregnant, 2 weeks later we conceived! well that showed him! DF and my lives are complete now with Cleo!

Thursday 13 November 07:40pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic Feeling guilty about due date! :(

My DD was due on 25th of December, and I got quite a few comments, but they didn't bother me. Really who cares what other people think, they have to comment on something so just agree or disagree a...

Friday 10 October 03:42am

Baby_Girl replied to topic nude during labour?

i went to the holpital after 24hours of labour in a top and pants, took the pants off and they stayed off, kept the top on until they took me for a ceaser.

Sunday 17 August 04:34pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic How Long Were You & Your Partner Together??

DF and I were together when we were 16 on the quiet till we were 19, we had DD at 23, so 7 years, we got engaged when DD was 6 months, DF hid the ring in her pocket.

Tuesday 12 August 12:25pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic What have you nick-named bubba as it grows?

We called DD 'baby girl' and we still call her that instead of her name Cleo, she now calls herself "Baby Cleo"

Sunday 10 August 04:23pm

Baby_Girl replied to topic Should I have another baby??

Hi Weely, I haven't had those sort of problems, I had a c-section due to failure to progress and feotal distress. I too would be concerned so i can't really tell you to go for it, but you might rea...

Monday 14 July 01:48am

Baby_Girl replied to topic Ears pierced??

Getting back to the original post, I had DD pierced at 3 months. If she grows up and says she doesn't like them then they will be taken out, she didn't feel anything when the earings were put in(sl...

Wednesday 02 July 01:20pm

Baby_Girl started new topic When do you...

get the time to exercise? I work 40hours a week and dd is in care 4 days a week. My hours are around 8-5 Mon to Fri. I used to walk every morning when i was living in my old neighbourhood, but now ...

Wednesday 18 June 02:11am

Baby_Girl replied to topic C Section question?

Mine was left in for over 24 hours, but i was up and having a shower within 8 hours of the op. They just needed to check if i could hold 400ml of urine whent they took it out (had to pee into a con...

Saturday 07 June 01:09am

Baby_Girl started new topic Childcare Rebate

Hi ladies, Can you pleaase clarify the CC Rebate, do we still get 30% at this tax time, and then 50%next financial year, or is it 50% this tax time? I'm confused Thanks guys have a great day!

Thursday 05 June 01:42am
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