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Elleinad09 replied to topic how much do u spend on food shoping?

I spend $50 a week on fruit/veg plus another $120-$160 at supermarket which includes meat, nappies for 2 kids for nights only, dog food and gluten free foods for dh(which cost a fortune) for our fa...

Saturday 09 February 10:56am

Elleinad09 replied to topic Do you think people are honest about unexpected pregnancies/babies?

I can honestly say i would feel exactly like this lady if I feel pregnant again. I have 3 gorgeous all planned children but if I were to have 4 I would be totally devastated. My children are now be...

Tuesday 05 February 01:43pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic 5 questions

1. what is your eye colour? Blue 2. what is your hair colour? Blonde 3. do you go for morning walks? No 4. do have an e-reader? No iPad 5. what type of phone do u have? iPhone 4s

Sunday 20 January 01:58pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic what can you freeze?

I freeze grated cheese, never have it fresh as it goes straight into the freezer. I freeze left over sour cream and cream in ice cubes for later. All bread/rolls/hot cross buns/crossiants/wraps/piz...

Wednesday 16 January 09:59pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Funny things kids do in public

My dd comes put with some crackers. She takes everything we say literally. The other day we popped into hungry jacks for a coffee/ice cream and play and she blurts out rather loudly "mum that ...

Sunday 13 January 12:33am

Elleinad09 started new topic Cheap holiday locations

Any suggestion on cheap holidays destinations for hubby and myself. I'd love to go to Bali but unsure of how safe it is these days. If you believe it's a great location tell me the best spots for a...

Sunday 06 January 08:12pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Siblings - what evil have you done to them?

I rubbed stinging nettle on my brothers arm bahaha. I also wrote his name all over the wall like a baby when he was little hehe.

Saturday 05 January 08:17pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic I'm bored so here are some questions lol!

Under our pergola it got to 47 degrees. I even took a photo!!!

Saturday 05 January 02:15pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic If you use a gro bag?

I have 2 grobags in 2.5 tog, 2 in 1 tog and 1 in .5 tog. I have so many as I have used them with all 3 kids to at least 2 years so I have used my monies worth. I stick to their guidelines and neve...

Saturday 05 January 02:09pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Kids Shoes

I totally agree with paying a little extra for the support and just better quality shoes. I buy my children betts shoes plus good sport quality runners and they have never outworn them, always outg...

Tuesday 01 January 12:53am

Elleinad09 replied to topic Why do people

I won't lie, it's not easy but the hardest thing for me initially was having a newborn and getting ds to kindy drop off on time and pick up on time. When my baby was 6 months ds started school so t...

Sunday 25 November 09:17pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic jaundice

Ds still had jaundice at his 6 week check up but apparently if you breastfeed its quite common to hang around. He had blood tests from his veins in his arm but was given the all clear. By 8 weeks i...

Saturday 24 November 11:57pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Poor Freddie

My parents have a beagle also called Fred and he's brilliant with the kids. Stupid dogs as puppies though lol

Saturday 24 November 11:52pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic whens the first time?

I'm a big believer in having sometimes food as I have seen too many children gorge themselves silly at parties when they are never allowed to eat these foods. I am a bit of a health freak and watch...

Sunday 11 November 10:50pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic has anyone used a bed wetting alarm?

I'm going to hire one for ds in the school holidays. He will be just 6. I was advised to wait for holidays as it really affects kids schooling with the constant wake ups. My brother was a bed wette...

Sunday 11 November 02:36pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Going off the other thread, how on earth...

I'm onto child number 3 and we have never had any problems. Yes initially they play with it but within days it's just a part of the furniture.

Sunday 11 November 02:25pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic when I was in the ED

I'm very lucky with my kids. I have 3 kids - 5,3&1 and never been to ED with them. I've only been once in my life when I had a kidney infection while pregnant. I thought I was in Pre-term labour. ...

Sunday 11 November 02:20pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Sugar free ideas for kids

My kids only ever get milk and water, we actually don't have anything else to drink so never complain. I always expect 2/3 serves of fruit each day so usually they will have 1 as a snack, 1 with lu...

Sunday 07 October 03:30pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic Places to live in SA

Are you looking to rent or buy? And what is you budget re housing. I would avoid the northern suburbs as its a bit rougher than others. North eastern is quite nice (golden grove, modbury etc) Easte...

Sunday 07 October 03:08pm

Elleinad09 replied to topic whats for dinner

We had leftovers. DH and i had potato and bacon soup kids had ravioli and veg.

Saturday 06 October 10:27pm
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