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camakos replied to topic I’ve had enough

He has to associate some sort of pleasure with exercise. Its obvious right now he associates pain with it and so is avoiding it. Humans make decisions based on the avoidance of pain or the pursuit ...

Saturday 01 March 06:42pm

camakos replied to topic In Laws

Hi, whilst I 'm sure it was upsetting they weren't there for the birth, I guess all you can do now is focus on the positives. You had your supportive husband with you, they saw your beautiful baby...

Saturday 01 March 06:38pm

camakos replied to topic what are other mums do for work

Hi, I market self- improvement online education. I work from home and just love the product. It has totally changed me from the inside out. I am becoming more confident, developing better relatio...

Saturday 23 February 08:39pm

camakos replied to topic Anyone returning to study after having a baby?

hi, You have to stand up for your dreams and do what makes your heart sing. You will find a way if its what you really want to do. I started studying not long after I gave birth. I was studying f...

Saturday 23 February 08:24pm

camakos replied to topic work or make things from home???

Hi, I have also done an ebay course so you can always email me with any questions. I'm no expert but I might be able to help. I just couldn't get passionate with ebay and its important to love wha...

Saturday 23 February 08:18pm
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