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BB2180 replied to topic Af returns after birth 6mths ago + Are we most fertile now to try for another?

Well we got pregnant when DS#1 was 5 months. I had just stopped BF and hadn't yet gotten AF back..... we weren't on any birth control - really wanted them close. They were 14 months apart - its g...

Friday 05 March 02:21am

BB2180 started new topic Vision problems in 26 month old?

I recently noticed my son squinting at the TV screen when even sitting on the couch. He has also started to trip up a bit more in the last few weeks and bumping his head. He has also been more i...

Saturday 02 January 12:26pm

BB2180 replied to topic help - I need advice on eczema

Hi! i have battled with excema my whole life with flare ups coming and going - my sons too now suffer as well. I have recently discovered Robertsons cream which helps with the itching - its a Aus...

Saturday 02 January 12:24pm

BB2180 replied to topic Opinions on age gap??

All for a close age gap - for sure! My first two boys are only 14 months apart and #3 was born a month before DS1 turned 3!! Close is great - hard work at first (first few months) but as they sta...

Friday 04 December 12:56pm

BB2180 replied to topic Anyone else had kids close!

Hi there! Sure have!! I have 3 little boys all within 3 years - yes, when my third was born by 1st was not yet 3!! Our little one is now 4 months old and things are getting easier! We are very ...

Friday 27 November 12:43pm

BB2180 replied to topic Trouble expressing??

I used to have trouble too - i found the only way i could do it was to express at the same time as he was feeding. HE fed from one side, I expressed the other..... hope you are finding something t...

Wednesday 18 November 12:44pm

BB2180 replied to topic Whats #3 like???

Hi guys, I just had my #3 - he will be 4 months this week! WE had them all close though - 3 little men under 3. It's crazy and very busy, but good!!! He has been such a beautiful happy and easy...

Wednesday 18 November 12:37pm

BB2180 replied to topic Swine Flu Vaccine and breastfeeding

My bub was 11 weeks when i had my swine flu shot. They are recommending it to all parents of babies under 6 months, so we didn't hesitate. That was over a week ago and neither him nor I have had ...

Saturday 17 October 12:27pm

BB2180 replied to topic Am I crazy???

Hi, Can't really advise you what is best for your situation. All i know is it was right for us to have 3 kids. We had them all close - 3 under age 3. Yes, we have had to upgrade the car to fit ...

Saturday 17 October 12:21pm

BB2180 replied to topic Am I done?

Hi guys, Well, I am a mum of 3 beautiful baby boys. I always thought i would only have 2, but after #2 I started with the same thoughts as you guys are having now. DH always wanted 3, but i wasn...

Thursday 15 October 12:25pm

BB2180 replied to topic routine.... sleep through the night....

Yes, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am, 6am or something like that.... My 2nd bub was a hungry boy and took me a few weeks to stretch him to 4 hourly feeds, but its so worth it. At least you dont feel l...

Friday 18 September 10:23am

BB2180 replied to topic routine.... sleep through the night....

My advice is routine all the way. With #3 i started in hosp and had him sleeping though the night by 4 weeks! Without set feeding times i dont know how i would get anything done let or get out th...

Monday 14 September 10:15am

BB2180 replied to topic Stroller advice - 15mnth old and newborn

My two boys were 14 months apart and we got a baby love brand tandem (front and back) and its been fantastic! Certainly wouldn't get the side by sides as we can see how difficult shopping or anyth...

Thursday 16 July 11:13am

BB2180 replied to topic Is this normal?

Hi, I am now 36 weeks with #3 and experiencing a similar discomfort like i am getting a period. Didn't have this with either of the first pregnancies - so nice to know others are feeling similar....

Friday 03 July 04:59pm

BB2180 replied to topic oh how many to have???

Hi! Not sure about all that myself. We are currently awaiting the arrival of #3 and I am sure this is IT for us. I worry too that i will want more after this, even though i am positive now that ...

Wednesday 24 June 12:05pm

BB2180 replied to topic Anyone TTC a particular sex in 2008?

Hi Teresa, First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! That would have been a lovely surprise. We are currently 7.5 months along with bub due end july. We actually tried to find out this time, but they coul...

Wednesday 17 June 10:43am

BB2180 replied to topic how accurate are the gender predition test??

We did a bit of a survey at work with all the pregnancies and babies and found the chinese lunar calender to be the most accurate. It got it right prob 90% of the time. So far its said i was havi...

Wednesday 17 June 10:32am

BB2180 replied to topic Liani? Girl?

Havn't heard of Liani, but have heard of Liana....

Tuesday 16 June 10:46am

BB2180 replied to topic Looking for a dresser

Can't really help with the mattress, but from what you described - sounds like what we bought. We got ours from IKEA. Its a dresser with a couple of drawers and shelves with an attachment on top ...

Thursday 11 June 11:28am

BB2180 replied to topic Trouble Sleeping

Hey there, I had really bad sore hips and back, especially with my 2nd preg and just suffered through it. After #2 was born i started seeing the chiro and discovered you could continue seeing the...

Tuesday 09 June 04:58pm
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