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**cait** replied to topic Help Name Dilemna! Would you still use this name?

if it doesn't bother you use it but if it bothers you, i'd suggest changing it see how you feel once bubba is born

Friday 12 October 06:52pm

**cait** replied to topic What's your first name?

my name is kirsty people often call me kristy as a kid i didn't like it cause there were heaps of kristys around but hardly any kirstys & i would have to correct people all the time now i like it

Thursday 11 October 06:03pm

**cait** replied to topic Niamh or Neeve

well i would have definately said that wrong!!! if i was naming my child that name, which by the way i i would spell it Neave

Saturday 07 April 04:31am

**cait** replied to topic Beatrix

i would be one of those people that would say BEE-TRIX

Saturday 07 April 04:22am

**cait** replied to topic waiting and waiting

with my 1st bub i went into labour naturally at 40+4 & the next 2 were a few days early & the last was on her due date

Saturday 07 April 03:52am

**cait** replied to topic Name suggestions?

i have a son AUSTIN which would fit in well with the middle name & also your other kids names, which can i say that you have great taste in names as all those names were on my baby name list at som...

Saturday 07 April 03:45am

**cait** replied to topic what do you think???

sorry not really a fan of your boys or girls names BUT i do your sons name

Saturday 07 April 03:40am

**cait** replied to topic Att mums of 3 or more!!

i am a mum of 4 & i drive a landcruiser & i fit 3 car seats across the back just fine

Friday 30 March 12:07am

**cait** replied to topic In 4 hours how my world changed for ever!

sending my love to you & your family

Tuesday 13 March 09:01am

**cait** replied to topic 3 to 4 babies

i have just had my 4th she is now 11 weeks old, for me my life hasn't really changed that much, life was busy with 3 & is still busy with 4. my kids are nearly 7(boy), 5(boy), 3(girl) & 11 weeks(gi...

Sunday 07 August 01:35am

**cait** replied to topic What do you think about these names

from your list i like KOBE

Sunday 17 July 01:14am

**cait** replied to topic how to pronounce

Avalon Avalyn I would pronounce the first way av-a-lon and the second av-a-lyn Not really sure if thats how you wanted it pronounced. (im really shocking at pronouncing names) thats how i would...

Sunday 17 July 12:53am

**cait** replied to topic Boy name honest opinion

i love it very very cool

Sunday 17 July 12:51am

**cait** replied to topic Opinions on baby girls name

i like Isabella & Sienna

Monday 04 July 04:43am

**cait** replied to topic It's a GIRL!!

wow!!! congrats on your new bundle

Friday 10 June 03:24am

**cait** replied to topic Just for a bit of fun.....

i think i can see the 3 lines so i'm gunna say girl

Friday 10 June 03:13am

**cait** replied to topic May Babes 2011

thats right i remember her i wonder how she is going????

Monday 23 May 09:55pm

**cait** replied to topic baby Tahlia Rose

thanks everyone she is just beautiful & the love of all of our lives hubby is really great with her & shows lots of love considering the way he felt towards the pregnancy we couldn't be happier as ...

Monday 23 May 09:50pm

**cait** replied to topic what kind of name is this?

i like it

Friday 20 May 07:51pm

**cait** started new topic baby Tahlia Rose

i welcomed my baby girl Tahlia Rose into the world on her due date early tuesday morning at 12.14am weighing 3340grams & 50cm long i had been having painless contractions since friday but by monda...

Thursday 19 May 07:07pm
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