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JD02DB replied to topic Babies sitting on knees?

My first baby started walking on her knees at 10 mths after crawling from 6 mths, the peadiatrician told me it is very unusual and I should see a phsyio for further investigation. Anyway, at 15 mth...

Saturday 19 December 01:36pm

JD02DB replied to topic when did your baby roll onto his/her tummy?

Just over 5 mths for my girl, she was trying to before but couldn't quite get all the way over, but then all of a sudden she just started going over all the way, and now there's no stopping her!!! ...

Saturday 17 November 03:23pm

JD02DB replied to topic Very spilly baby any advise

My baby was the same at about 6-8 wks until my pead said to go off all dairy products for 3 weeks, as I am breastfeeding, we found that she had a dairy intolerance and since then (she's now 4 mths)...

Saturday 22 September 12:21pm

JD02DB replied to topic Pets and babies- what are your views

I feel very sorry for the situation and it breaks my heart to hear about this tragedy. I have read a lot about Dogs and they are very much pack animals. Further information about the issue is tha...

Friday 31 August 11:56am

JD02DB replied to topic Not looking for a debate just want to hear what others do

My 3 mth old only uses the dummy for sleep and I take it out with us so if she gets grumpy we can put it in. My friend had a 2 yr old that they said to put it out for Father Christmas and you'll ge...

Thursday 02 August 10:46am

JD02DB replied to topic No Help

I know what you mean. I asked my husband to look after our 3mth old for half hour while I went to the shop to get milk and came home to find her screaming her lungs out in the cot with him out in h...

Thursday 02 August 10:34am

JD02DB started new topic Sleeping through

Hi there! My girl is 11 wks now and until a few nights ago would always wake for the 3 o'clock feed, then two nights in a row she slept from 9pm til 6am, which was fantastic (except that my breasts...

Saturday 21 July 08:00am
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