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Magz started new topic Strawberry Shortcake - Sydney

hi there all, Do any of you know of a strawberry shortcake character to come to my daughters party this year in sydney thanks

Sunday 30 May 04:18am

Magz started new topic Iron Deficency

Rencently my son had his tonsils out and as routine for his Doctor he does a blood test prior to the op. The results came back as him being low in iron.... I dont understand this, my son is such a...

Saturday 24 April 07:15am

Magz replied to topic VERY Emotional 2.5 year old girl.

I understand only all to well.. My son now 5 1/2 years is very emotional and it all started around the age of 2 years. After many days of nearly tearing my own hair out I sent him to preschool for...

Monday 08 March 07:51pm

Magz replied to topic 95% od carseats are installed WRONG!!!

HI there, When I saw your post I new exactly what you where talking about cause my eldset is 5 1/2 years and youngest is 2.5 years and do you believe that I just bought a new seat for the younges...

Saturday 06 March 11:23pm

Magz replied to topic Vomiting Tantrum

Thanks its nice to know that I am not alone... I just want to tear my hair out sometimes... I havent made her clean it although one night I said I wasnt going to clean her bed so she covered the v...

Saturday 06 March 11:17pm

Magz started new topic Vomiting Tantrum

Hi all... I am going out of my mind my 2 year old has been a pretty good child up until now... Instead of kicking and screaming if she doesnt want to do something like swimming lessons, going to b...

Saturday 06 March 05:10am

Magz replied to topic Adnoides

Hi there... I was coming on here to post a similar post... I saw an ears nose and throat specl. with my 5 year old son today as recently I have noticed his breathing irregular while sleeping or he ...

Friday 08 January 01:41pm

Magz replied to topic Toddlers front remove or not??

Hi there... My nephew fell off his bike and hit his front teeth on a letter box and hence left him with them hanging out... The dentist pulled them out at wroughly 4 years old....His teeth have gro...

Friday 08 January 01:35pm

Magz started new topic Bonnyrigg Heights Playgroup

Hi all, Bonnyrigg Heights Playgroup is currently seeking new members to keep us running as we are a very small group at the moment. We meet on a thursday morning 9.30 to 11.30am in the community ...

Friday 08 January 10:36am

Magz started new topic Bonnyrigg Heights Playgroup

Hi all... We meet on a thursday 9:30 - 11:30am during school terms in the community hall on the corner of simpson road andd choppin close bonnyrigg heights... At the moment we are a very small gr...

Wednesday 06 January 05:19pm

Magz replied to topic Mothers Group for mums who already have kids.

Hi there.... I hope the following information helps they are all playgroup nsw contacts... Abbotsford Henry Lawson Community Centre 350 Great North Road ABBOTSFORD NSW 2046 Phone 1: 9715 3456 Pho...

Wednesday 06 January 05:16pm

Magz replied to topic Family Daycare vs Daycare Centers

This is a topic that could be debated for a very long time... I think there are pros and cons for both situtations and you just need to sit down and think which will work the best for you and your ...

Thursday 30 April 05:55am

Magz replied to topic Bad Behaviour

Thank you so much for your reply... As I have been called to his preschool about this situtation too they have asked me all these questions and NO to all...Family status still the same, dad lives ...

Saturday 18 April 01:43pm

Magz started new topic Bad Behaviour

HELP ME PLEASE!!!! My son who is nearly 5 years old has been behaving terribly lately. His attitude is disgusting, his manners are no existent and is manner towards my daughter and other children ...

Thursday 16 April 06:38pm

Magz replied to topic how big is your 18month old?

Hi there... My daughter will be 18 months next week and she is 79.5cm tall and 12 kg... She has always been a bit chubby but I too have noticed she has had a huge growth spurt!!!

Thursday 16 April 05:19am

Magz replied to topic Easter - Chocolate

I agree there is no rush for chocies for todlers... My 5 year old though will wonder why his sis didn;t get anything off the easter bunny so I bought her a little toy and told him that if your unde...

Sunday 12 April 02:50pm

Magz replied to topic international flight

Hi there... we took my son on a flight when he was 15 mths. I had asked my doc what I can do for his safety and she suggested phenurgon to calm him while on the plane... he slept most of the way an...

Sunday 12 April 02:44pm

Magz started new topic western suburbs - acrylic nails

Hi guys Before having my kids I worked in a Beauty Salon for 10 years doing acrylic nails, makeup and waxing from home. Since having the kids I now do them from home!!! I'm in Bonnyrigg Heights- ...

Sunday 12 April 09:18am

Magz replied to topic vaporizer

vaporizers are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 17month old suffered bad last year from brochitis and I hired a vaporiser from the chemist which is where I would recceommend you get one as thhis year ...

Saturday 11 April 05:03am

Magz replied to topic Moving from sip cup to just a cup...

Hi there, Little ones hate change dont they!! Any change for them even something so simple is a big deal.. I personally didn't force my kids out of there sipper cup and as it is my 4 year still d...

Saturday 11 April 04:59am
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