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jennib replied to topic Who has a bday

My DD and DS share the same birthday, 2 years apart, 11th Nov, DH is 11th Oct and I'm 11th Jan! When I was pregnant with dd, she was due on 14/11 and we thought we were gonna spoil our run of 11's...

Friday 11 February 10:18am

jennib replied to topic Extended Breastfeeding Mums.....

Hi all, I haven't loooked in the toddler section for ages, I'd forgotten all about this thread!! I looked back and my last post was that I was thinking of weaning my son as I wanted to TTC...we...

Thursday 09 December 07:21pm

jennib replied to topic Is your 8wk old this tall?

Hi, My DS was 51cm at birth and 59.5cm at 8 weeks. DD was 49cm at birth and 60cm at 8 weeks, I swear I could see her growing! Now at 3 DS is just on 100cm and at 1 DD is 78 cm. They are both goi...

Sunday 14 November 09:20pm

jennib replied to topic Siblings born close

Well my 2 are born on the same day, 2 years apart! DD will be one in 4 weeks and DS is 3. We will be having a joint party for the next few years, then we'll see how it goes when DS is at school. ...

Thursday 14 October 01:52am

jennib replied to topic you know what i dont like

For those with ITNG fans try the seller designer-kids-baby-oz on ebay. They're in the UK but do free postage, it's quite reasonable, I got DD some upsy-daisy t-shirts and a sleeping bag...ssooo cut...

Monday 27 September 04:30am

jennib replied to topic cooking silverside in slow cooker

Thanks heaps, will have it for dinner tomorrow! Jen

Thursday 23 September 03:28am

jennib started new topic cooking silverside in slow cooker

HI ladies, I just scored a bargain joint of 2kg silverside roast for $6 at woolies, I've googled for some recipes but they keep talking about corned silverside?? Does anyone have a yummy recipe ...

Thursday 23 September 02:50am

jennib replied to topic Anyone survived neighbours

OMG I so feel for you, our neighbours moved in 3weeks after we did, when I was 7 months pregnant with DS, they have been renovating ever since, I'm not kidding, over 3 freaking years, there was not...

Tuesday 21 September 07:43am

jennib replied to topic Twin pram or toddler seat

Hi, I've got 2 years between my 2 and I would say a twin would be best. We got a mountain buggy twin and it's excellent, I use it everyday and it's so easy to push, not too wide..all the things bri...

Tuesday 24 August 05:00am

jennib replied to topic Snack ideas for a 10 month old

Hi, My Dd is 9.5 months, she has been doing finger food with some purees since 6 months and is pretty good with anything. Some stuff we give her is sandwiches, mini muffins, either steamed or micr...

Thursday 19 August 07:48pm

jennib replied to topic Bloody KellynDarcy!!!!!

just saving recipe for later:) Jen

Tuesday 17 August 12:24am

jennib replied to topic ERGO BABY CARRIERS

Just thought I'd add that I love mine too, I got it from here They are a bit cheaper than most other places and they give free shipping if you're in Oz! We got the sp...

Tuesday 13 July 02:04am

jennib replied to topic Baby slings/carriers help

Ergo, ergo, ergo! Ergo, ergo, ergo!! Love it, worth the money and resell for almost retail on ebay! Jen

Friday 09 July 03:46am

jennib replied to topic Jeans for Genes nappies

Baby bunting and Target have them here, they're in special smaller boxes and much more expensive, they are cute though:) Jen

Thursday 08 July 07:25pm

jennib replied to topic A controversial question for you.

Ladybird ladybird fly away home, Your house in on fire and your children are gone, All except one and that's little Ann, For she crept under the frying pan. Ladybird all the way!! Jen

Wednesday 07 July 03:23am

jennib replied to topic Where do you get

Baby bunting stock the Early Birds brand, they go down to 0000000(that's 7, lol!) which I think is from 800g, here's their website Jen

Sunday 04 July 03:48am

jennib replied to topic Does your child have a nickname?

DD gets Becca-Boo and DS gets Travy-Pops or Tugger from DH, he answers to both of them, but mostly he just gets Trav. Jen

Sunday 04 July 03:44am

jennib replied to topic breastfeeding

I won't comment on the women in the article, I think enough has been said. What did shock me, even though I knew that BF rates were low in the UK, was only 1% feeding at 6 months. I think my MG w...

Thursday 01 July 06:49pm

jennib replied to topic Steelcraft Strider 4 Stroller

We got it when DS was born nearly 3 years ago, LOVE IT!! It's still going strong for DD when DS wants to walk. It is wide at the back but I've never had too much trouble fitting into shops or do...

Thursday 01 July 06:13pm

jennib replied to topic What can I make

Make this It's sooo yummy, especially on a cold winter's day like it is here, brrrr! Jen

Saturday 26 June 01:19am
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