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elizasmum replied to topic frustrated

You poor thing, tantrums are right up for things not to look forward to. I must admit my DD(2) is fairly well behaved and her tantrums generally stem from not getting what she wants but what i do i...

Thursday 22 March 06:13pm

elizasmum replied to topic Is she not socializing enough??

Nah at 18months they dont really play with each other any way, but it is still good for them to spend time with other children. I hope that you are coping OK with 2 babies and just dont find the t...

Thursday 08 February 06:38pm

elizasmum replied to topic holidays ideas for 2 yr olds?

We just got back from holidays, we went to coffs harbour for our DDs 2nd bday. We had a great time and so did eliza. We only went for 4 days There was a fair that opened every night (probably clo...

Thursday 01 February 12:40pm

elizasmum replied to topic HELP 11month old and stay at home dad

Sorry i cant be more specific but i have seen ads for a dads playgroup at penrith on saturday mornings. Maybe you could get some details from the playgroup association

Thursday 01 February 12:27pm

elizasmum replied to topic Wont wee in the potty but does it in the toilet. what do i do?

Do you mean toilet or bath? If she will do wees in the toilet what do you need a potty for? When she does wees in the bath i would try and get her to the toilet before she finished so she can go...

Tuesday 30 January 06:43pm

elizasmum replied to topic formula change!!!!

Hey If you want to still use formula you can use any of the toddler formulas, just be careful how much sugar is in there! Otherwise full cream cows milk is fine now. Its also time to start cu...

Sunday 28 January 12:43pm

elizasmum replied to topic 14 months old eats paper and cardboard

Carra I had to laugh my daughter was just like that!!! When she learned to walk she got the end of the toilet paper and pulled it, when i got her she quickly ran away and was quickly shoving it in...

Sunday 28 January 12:37pm

elizasmum replied to topic social skills

I have spoken to DDs day care (1 day/wk) about this issue and they call it parrallel play where the kids may play along side 1 another but dont really interact as play. Honestly you shouldnt feel...

Wednesday 24 January 08:27pm

elizasmum replied to topic manners

As soon as they can say it!!! Well thats what i did any way. My DD just turned 2 and if she asks for anything she doesnt get it till she says please, i have also started getting her to add please ...

Wednesday 24 January 08:05pm

elizasmum replied to topic MIGHT BE ALP CANCER PLEASE HELP

Hi Nikki, Its easy to tell hoe worried you are, sorry i cant reassure you as i dont even know what ALP is but i just wanted you to know that huggies mums care i really hope everything turns out ok...

Wednesday 24 January 07:55pm

elizasmum replied to topic Toilet training & ditching dummy

My DD is 2 next week and we have just taken the dummy away, all i did was take it off her in the morning like usual and then when she asked for it later i told her it was all gone, your a big girl ...

Thursday 11 January 11:04am

elizasmum replied to topic TRAINING A 17MTH OLD HOW DO U START??

Hi Bec, My DD turns 2 next week and still is not showing these signs, so i would give it a go if i were you. Elizas day care gave out a sheet with info on toilet training so here goes... Buy lit...

Thursday 11 January 10:57am

elizasmum started new topic Jan 05 babies 2nd birthday

Eliza turns 2 on 17th of Jan, we are taking her on a holiday to coffs harbour instead of a party. What are you doing for your baby's (well not really baby any more) 2nd birthday?

Tuesday 09 January 03:27pm

elizasmum started new topic Do you have Dora Explorer talking trampoline NEED ADVICE

My DD got a Dora the Explorer talking trampoline for christmas and she really likes it. My neighbour also got one for her DD but she told me the ??protector rings?? (the bits you thread the elasti...

Friday 05 January 04:04pm

elizasmum started new topic Electric ride on cars & jeeps

I was thinking about getting my DD a ride on 6v car for christmas this year, but i was wondering how long the batteries stay charged for and how long to recharge. Greatly appreciate your feed back ...

Sunday 02 July 05:10pm

elizasmum started new topic Scared of people

My daughter is 15 months old, she has become quite clingy to me (she is teething with molars!!) but what is hard is that if strangers particulary men or any man (poppy and uncles included) she hasn...

Wednesday 26 April 04:55pm

elizasmum replied to topic How to cope with accidents to your child

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I cant say ive been in a similar position but then DD is only 15 months old but i know what its like when she bumps her head and stuff like that. I think...

Sunday 16 April 05:16pm

elizasmum replied to topic Dad's changing rules

OMG can i just say, i am 24 with a 13month old girl and my middle name is kristy, sorry just weird. I dont think my partner changes the rules so much as he doesnt know the rules. I am in charge o...

Wednesday 08 March 09:18pm

elizasmum replied to topic Gymbaroo

I took my daughter to babyroo and we loved it. I would definately take her back its just too expensive.

Wednesday 08 March 08:50pm

elizasmum replied to topic Clinginess!!!!!

My little girl cries when i leave too. Its really hard to leave her and go to work when she starts crying cos she doesnt want me to leave. She also has some days when she cries when any one leaves....

Wednesday 08 March 08:47pm
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