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SJAK replied to topic First Birthday Party Games????

Another idea - you usually give out party bags when kids are leaving the party but you could give them to the kids when they arrive and that should keep them entertained for some time - especially ...

Tuesday 06 November 08:41am

SJAK replied to topic How often does your baby sleep durning the day?

My 6 month old dd has 3 sleeps a day ranging from 45mins to 1 hour at a time. Sometimes it varies like if we're out shopping - then she sleeps in the car or pram and that can range from 15mins to ...

Monday 05 November 12:08pm

SJAK started new topic Does anyone know of any baby shows coming up in Melbourne?

Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows of any baby shows coming up soon in Melbourne. I would love to enter my dd in one but have no idea where or if any are on or will be on in the near fut...

Monday 05 November 12:00pm

SJAK started new topic Baby Keeps Wetting During The Night - Help!

Hi everyone, after some help. My dd, who is almost 6 months old, keeps wetting herself during the night which wakes her and has me having to change her clothes and her cot sheet at least once, so...

Thursday 25 October 06:02am

SJAK started new topic What Time Does Your Little One Go To Bed?

Just wanting to hear from others. My little one is 13 months. He wakes in the morning anywhere from 7.00am to 8.30am, has a one hour nap during the day and goes down for the night anywhere betwee...

Monday 08 May 05:07pm

SJAK started new topic Games To Play At A First Birthday

Hi everyone, Just after some help. We are approaching our son's first birthday at the end of this month and are having a party for him. At the party there will be 18 children - 6 under 18 months...

Thursday 02 March 06:34pm

SJAK replied to topic Baby Show Comps

I've found one! Baby Show - all proceeds to go to SIDS & Kids - great cause. Thursday 9 February, 2006 starting at 11.00am Altona Meadows Central Square Shopping Centre Crn Central Avenue & Mert...

Monday 23 January 07:11pm

SJAK started new topic Baby Show Comps

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows of any baby show comps coming up anytime in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne? I keep checking our local papers but can't see any. I hope someone can help me.

Monday 16 January 06:55pm

SJAK started new topic Quick Labour - Energy Of Baby?

Hi all, Just a theory I was told about the other day - wanting to know what others think about it? Apparently if you have a quick/short labour your child will be a child who is constantly on the ...

Monday 16 January 06:51pm

SJAK started new topic How To Freeze Breastmilk

Just wondering if anyone could help me - I've never done this before. I am currently expressing milk as I am going out next month and need to leave some bottles for my baby. I know you can freeze...

Wednesday 21 December 09:16am

SJAK started new topic Leg Camp Remedy

I have seen a post regarding leg cramping during pregnancy but seeing as though the last post was some time ago I thought I would post this by itself. I suffered very bad leg cramping through my p...

Thursday 08 December 01:06pm

SJAK started new topic Morning Sickness - Can It Predicit Sex Of Baby?

Hi everyone, I have been talking this over with friends and would love to hear from others regarding this topic. I have done a study with 10 pregnant women (who have now all had babies - includin...

Friday 02 December 09:39am

SJAK started new topic How Can I Get Him To Drink Water?

Hi everyone, Just a quick topic to see if you can give me any tips on how to get my 8 month old son to drink water. He will only drink breastmilk at the moment but with the warmer weather coming ...

Thursday 01 December 09:36am

SJAK started new topic Clomid - Fertility Drug

Hi all, I suffer from poloy-cystic ovaries and had to take clomid to conceive. I was on the last and highest dose of clomid when I concieved - the next step was IVF. Just wanting to know how man...

Thursday 24 November 07:47am

SJAK started new topic Constant Waking

I need help - I need to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing I am because I am feeling like the only person in the world this is happening to. My 8 month old son has only recently (i...

Thursday 24 November 07:44am

SJAK started new topic Waking Every 2 Hours For A Feed

I need help - I don't know how much longer I can go on with so much disturbed sleep. My 8 month old son has, recently (in the last two weeks), started waking every hour and a half to two hours dur...

Thursday 24 November 07:39am

SJAK replied to topic ovulation

I was on a fertility drug to get pregnant so days and times were very important to me. Day 1 is the first day of your period. You can ovuate anytime between day 9 and 21 of your cycle. You shoul...

Monday 07 November 09:25am

SJAK replied to topic Can anyone explain Pregnancy Symptoms /or PMS Symptoms?

I can't really remember if I had any symptoms prior to finding out I was pregnant but I know I had symptoms once I found out I was pregnant. We had been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and beca...

Monday 07 November 09:21am

SJAK started new topic Sex of Baby - Right or Wrong?

Hi everyone, Just a question for those who found out the sex of their baby prior to its birth:- did they get the sex right? We were told we were having a boy and that was right - a beautiful boun...

Monday 07 November 09:02am

SJAK replied to topic March 2005 babies from melbourne

Hi kylie, My name is Sally and I am 25. My son was born on 24 March, however I live in the western suburbs. If you would still like to chat via e-mail don't hesitate to e-mail me: [email protected]

Monday 07 November 08:57am
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