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~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Does anyone live in Orange NSW?

Hi there! There's also a possibility I'm moving to Orange too It won't be for a while but my boyfriend is a supervisor at kaltech so all going well I'll be there before long we should stay in tou...

Friday 22 April 07:18am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Does anyone know anything about acrylic nails?

lol Make sure you use a non-acetone polish remover. Do you have a file or buff thingy? (the buff thingy is usually quite bulky - not as harsh as a file) You just rub them with the buffer gently t...

Monday 03 January 01:51am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Does anyone know anything about acrylic nails?

It's just the topcoat - not sure why it does it but it may be the brand or if its old.... Anyway just take it off and put a new coat on

Monday 03 January 01:23am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Everyones 'Furry' babys :)

As soon as my darling fur baby comes inside I'll take a pic - only have one of her as a tiny kitten. lil miss kita what breed are your babies?? they are gorgeous!!!!

Monday 18 October 01:12am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Any central coast mummies?


Sunday 12 September 06:18am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Vaginal discharge in 4y/o

My DD is the same. She'll be 4 in Jan. Every now and then she tells me her bottom is sore - sometimes it's hard for her to distinguish between the front and back. I've gone through worming, etc but...

Wednesday 08 September 11:05pm

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Guess what DH and I did today?

Geez my nose piercing was by far the worst! Mind you that was done pre kids and nipple was done for the 2nd time recently - the lady even said the 2nd time hurts more but I still reckon nose was wo...

Friday 27 August 04:46am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic anyone seen any

Have you got a Forever New near you? How much do you want to spend? There's a dress in there that's a knit, above knee, cap sleeves, black lower half and cream top half with cream beading around th...

Thursday 19 August 09:16am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Would you agree with this statement?

well I will go against the grain here and say I don't agree - well not 100% anyway. I have to go to work so I'll just quickly tell you one story. Most of my fam suffers depression but I'll tell yo...

Thursday 12 August 12:04am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic deleting PMs

ok so I can do them one by one but it's painful!

Wednesday 14 July 10:47pm

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ started new topic deleting PMs

ok I've just figured out I can't receive PMs cos my inbox is full. Now I must be so dumb cos I can't figure out how to delete them!!!!!!

Wednesday 14 July 10:44pm

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic ~*~LISA~*~

hey yeah it's weird - I got an email saying someone had posted something on my profile but can't find it. It has a small crack in the chamber but works perfectly. I've even replaced the battery whe...

Wednesday 14 July 10:32pm

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic maybe baby

Hi yeah I used one for both my babies and it definitely tells you when you are fertile. I'm done with it now if you'd like to buy it? Going cheap - just havn't been bothered sticking it on ebay lol...

Wednesday 14 July 09:05am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Oh my god...back pain like no other

I had this about a week before I had DS. In hindsight it was just early labour cos I felt no pain whatsoever in that spot after he was out! Good luck!!!

Wednesday 07 July 06:27am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic toilet training vent

Hey Emma I can't be bothered reading everyone's replies but here's what I did with DD - she too knew what going to the toilet was all about, excellent communicator, etc but would always wet herself...

Wednesday 07 July 06:11am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic I had my baby girl

Oh what a dear lil precious thing she is - congrats!!!!!

Wednesday 07 July 05:49am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic No Engagement ring??

Yeah I had an engagement ring with a plain split wedder, then for my eternity ring got diamonds put in the top one, then diamonds put in hte bottom one eventually and got it soldered together. Look...

Wednesday 07 July 05:41am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic FB q-

same as what ness said - they can't see anything of yours at all

Tuesday 22 June 03:54am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Reoccuring Thrush for years!!!

Yeah I get it all the time too. I especially get it if my partner (even past ones) *** in me (sorry tmi). I also especially get it when I have my period. Anything that changes the PH of your vagina...

Tuesday 22 June 03:53am

~*`*~LISA~*`*~ replied to topic Divorce/Separation

Hi Katey, just read through your post and want you to know I'm thinking of you. I've recently separated from DH. It sux bigtime but we really needed to do it. Please feel free to ask me anything - ...

Monday 19 April 09:59am
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