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nessybear replied to topic wonderful partners

buy him a puppy!!!

Thursday 20 September 02:32pm

nessybear started new topic traveling with baby

we have a 11 week old baby and while she is fine when we take her for walks and to other peoples houses, she doesnt do so well when we take her to shopping centres. weve done it a few times and eac...

Saturday 08 September 10:22am

nessybear replied to topic Sex after c-section

i had the same problem too. and i too wondered why. our baby is nearly 10 weeks old and its slowly getting better. as the previous post says...take it will get better!

Friday 31 August 05:55am

nessybear replied to topic My friends baby has BAD nappy rash!!!

our baby had really bad nappy rash too at that age. our maternal child health nurse said its not unusual and it occurs because of the frequent pooing. dempsies poor bottom was red and bleeding. it ...

Friday 31 August 05:43am

nessybear started new topic wonderful partners

i was just readng a post on horrible, unhelpful, and by the sounds of it very selfish partners and it made me realise how lucky i am to have the man i do. my boy comes home every day after working ...

Saturday 25 August 07:18am

nessybear replied to topic Nestle Nan formula

we use nan ha gold too and its great. in fact i found my baby was more settled on that than on my breast milk! probably a supply issue but nevertheless we are very happy with the nan formula.

Wednesday 15 August 04:19am

nessybear started new topic choking while feeding

does anyone elses baby choke while feeding? my 7 week old, whether on the breast or bottle, at least once a feed, will choke. its like the milk goes down the wrong way and she starts gasping and o...

Wednesday 15 August 04:13am

nessybear replied to topic bubs feeding every 4-5 hrs, having about 5 feeds in 24 hrs

obviously maintaining a good milk supply requires regular feeding, adequate hydration, and minimal stress, but if you need extra help the herb blessed thistle is excellent. im a naturopath and have...

Wednesday 15 August 04:07am

nessybear started new topic is my baby getting enough?

im just wondering how you tell if your baby is getting enough milk? ive recently weened her and the maternal and child health nurse said that multiplying her weight by 150 will give me her daily re...

Tuesday 14 August 11:34am

nessybear started new topic waking baby for a feed

i need some advice. i have been waking up my little 7 week old every 4 hours...assuming she doesnt wake herself up...for a feed but when we wake her up she usually only has 30-80ml and getting that...

Tuesday 14 August 04:23am
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