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maxmo started new topic Lazy eye / squint surgery

I was wondering if those of you who have had or know someone who have had surgery for a lazy eye could let me know: 1. how old you/they were when surgery took place 2. how successful it was. Thanks.

Tuesday 29 March 10:55pm

maxmo started new topic Eva likes Ruby, Lexie or Georgia. What do you think?

[img] I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choose the best! I can't decid...

Sunday 09 May 04:20am

maxmo replied to topic DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!

Its a hard choice to make Ive had to do it lately too. All I can think Don't let him guilt you into anything you don't want to do. what will you regret more ending pregnancy and staying with dp or...

Sunday 25 April 04:00am

maxmo started new topic Really need advice, she's stopped eating almost all solids

I have a 9mth old and she is eating less and less solids its a real struggle to get anything into her. I offer finger food or on spoon and still not take it. Due to her not eating much i'm still fe...

Tuesday 11 August 02:28pm

maxmo replied to topic how many other 9mth olds aren't...

Hi my DD isn't even near crawling yet and she just about 9mths. She rolls spins in circles pushes backwards when on tum but thats about itn Not too worried though it will happen.

Saturday 08 August 08:23am

maxmo started new topic Please need help with dummies at night and learning to settle without one

hi i have a just about 5 mth old dd who has now got the terrible habbit of waking very often at night so gave dummy but when she drops that she wakes don't really know what to do not keen on leavin...

Sunday 05 April 01:33pm

maxmo started new topic Whats gone wrong? need some help please!

I have 15wk old dd who for the past week and half has been refusing pretty much every feed during the day she stiffens cries and just will not go near. But night time she feeds no problem. has anyo...

Monday 23 February 05:33pm

maxmo started new topic advice needed

It has been recommended to me by plunket that I half breast and half formula feed not too sure how to go about it as never had to with ds. do I give formula then breast in same feed or not worry.I'...

Sunday 11 January 01:31pm

maxmo started new topic is this normal?

I have a 2 week old DD who during the day sleeps for 3-3.5hrs in a go but nights she does 1.5-2hrs for a feed. she also has trouble with wind. I can't remeber what the early weeks were like with ds...

Monday 17 November 11:38am

maxmo started new topic this might sound stupid but

can some one tell me what labour might be like? I already have a 15mth old ds, and am 26wks preggers, but never got to experience labour due to being told I needed c/s. so more worried now no idea ...

Saturday 19 July 03:04pm

maxmo started new topic advice needed in stopping last feed

before ds bedtime he has just reach 1year and I am ready to wean him completely he doesn't have any other then that one I've tried cup of milk but he won't take it really has a about 50-100mls if I...

Thursday 27 March 03:34pm

maxmo replied to topic How do ya tell when babies are teathing? and how young is to young?

Hi your son very cute, couple things that I've noticed with my ds is that he gets real bad nappy rash, goes off food, and just not his happy self and tends to be clingy only wants mum

Wednesday 16 January 05:15pm

maxmo started new topic probably dum question but

is there stages to learning to crawl and how long can each stage take. just trying to find out as ds lifts himself up with arms and tries to bring knees under but doesn't seem strong enough, is he ...

Thursday 08 November 11:15am

maxmo started new topic its been 10 weeks since af

I did a test it came up with negative straight away so I threw it in fire. should I have waited a bit longer? my problem is I never had signs with my DS so could I be pregnant?

Friday 19 October 05:56am

maxmo replied to topic 13 week old not feeding much during the day.

I have the same thing as you with my 12wk boy he only feeds for around 5mins and he is also a cat napper would be interested to hear what you do routine wise. I just try to stick to feeding every 4...

Tuesday 19 June 09:08am

maxmo replied to topic 2mth old doesn't like dummies

well I've gone out & bought 4 different dummies he'll suck them for maybe 5 minutes then spit it out, then the next time that I try to give him it he doesn't want it at all.

Sunday 10 June 08:10am

maxmo started new topic 2mth old doesn't like dummies

but loves to suck I need ideas what I can do

Sunday 27 May 09:21am
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