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MummyV replied to topic My baby bump

I know all about bit tummies and dropping food on my clothes so we have something in common. No one told me about the things you mentioned either. Wore aprons most of the time as my tummy bib whe...

Saturday 24 July 12:15am

MummyV replied to topic Toddler sits on newborn

I agree 2 is a very tricky age. Kids are kids, you won't be able to control everything they do all the time and sometimes they are going to do things you wish they didn't. Consider a porta cot fo...

Saturday 24 July 12:11am

MummyV replied to topic Terrible domestic situation

If its the one thing I have come to realise being a mother, is that sleep is so precious. With lil of none of it we are not really ourselves and can be difficult to live with. Hang in there, t...

Saturday 24 July 12:01am

MummyV replied to topic i have learnt

Some things cannot be pushed, only encouraged. Perhaps you could send the father positive vibes and wishing him the best...who knows, he might come around. My nephew doesn't know his dad, hasn't ...

Friday 23 July 11:57pm

MummyV started new topic "Time Out" didn't work - What do I do now?

I watched the Nanny so I know the general rule but I have been putting off Time Out for some time now - perhaps it was my lack of conficience in executing it successfully. On the weekend friends...

Wednesday 13 July 10:47am

MummyV started new topic My child Keeps Throwing Things with a Smile on her face

Kristina is 20mths, beautiful child. She is low maintainence compared to a lot of other kids I know & associate with. The problem is her favourite past time is throwing things & often repeating...

Sunday 12 June 07:51pm

MummyV replied to topic Why couldnt I have discovered this place sooner?

Hummm. Very embaressed to discover that I am two years late to respond to this post *blush*. New at this forum business but learnt something today! Anyway if there are any ladies with diabetes t...

Thursday 02 June 06:55pm

MummyV started new topic I fell down while pregnant

I've an ultrasound tomorrow. Hope everything is ok because today I took a fall & landed on my right side. Hit my shoulder, leg & felt the right side of my tummy bang on the grass (better than con...

Wednesday 01 June 06:58pm

MummyV replied to topic Why couldnt I have discovered this place sooner?

Hi anam. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and pregnant again. I'm on the pump. All up I had 3 pregnancies: I started off visiting the Diabetic clinic once every 4wks before concpetion & when...

Wednesday 01 June 06:52pm

MummyV replied to topic Being induced

Didn't mind being induced. Although there wasn't much time to recover inbetween contrations, the labour moved along rapidly and out of the way! Being an insulin dependent diabetic & having high b...

Wednesday 01 June 06:10pm

MummyV replied to topic breech position

Hi Em You still have plenty of time, I wouldn't worry just yet if I were you. Enjoy your pregnancy & good luck with everything. I read everyone else's responses so far & thought that your expens...

Thursday 26 May 06:53pm
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