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NIQUE replied to topic Husband has left but doesn't want a divorce

Hun,he has the best of both worlds at the moment & just incase things don't work out with his new woman hes got you to fall back on as a second option.You need to go to legal aid tomorrow & get the...

Wednesday 28 March 10:45am

NIQUE replied to topic sex

I think an IUD might be best if you cant use any other protection.I can see your DP reasons for not wanting sex because there is a very high chance of getting pregnant if your using nothing.

Monday 05 February 02:40pm

NIQUE replied to topic two 6mth old, other 19year

I say go for it your not to old at all.There is 19 years between me & my sister,my mum had me at 21 and my sister at 40.I have 2 children the oldest nearly 4 & my mum says she feels old but she do...

Monday 15 January 06:15pm

NIQUE replied to topic Can I still visit them?

Alice, If i were you hon i would let them come here and see you the next time(june2007)as it will cost you alot of $$$ which you are going to need for the children, and if his family want to see th...

Saturday 09 September 12:52pm

NIQUE started new topic About mother & baby units & PND

Hi all i think i have suffered from PND since my DD was about 5 months old, at that time i was not coping well being a mother & her having sever eczema & crying all the time & not sleeping i was e...

Friday 08 September 07:00am

NIQUE replied to topic Will he want anything to do with them, or is it goodbye forever?

Oh Alice, what a terrible thing to do just after you have had your babies,have you asked him how he plans on seeing the children or if he wants to be part of there life? Could he just be saying thi...

Wednesday 06 September 04:31pm

NIQUE replied to topic I think my baby is snacking and I have no more routine.

this is exactly what my DS is doing at the moment.He will feed from one breast but just muck around when offered the other (coming on & off)so i think hes full then an hour later hes crying so i o...

Tuesday 17 January 09:13pm

NIQUE replied to topic BIG NUTS !!!

Hi Louise, my girlfriends little boy had this condition from birth and ended up having the operation to drain the fluid after 1 year,i dont know alot about it but i will tell her about your post a...

Tuesday 17 January 07:53pm

NIQUE replied to topic is it over

Hi Prince wes, just a question what gives you the feeling that your partner is cheating on you with a employee & could these feelings have something to do with the problems your having? I hope thi...

Monday 16 January 07:44pm

NIQUE replied to topic Emmaljunga prams

i have the Valco deluxe jogger and love it,you can also buy the bassinett that goes on it seperately, its light weight(11kg) and folds down eaisly it can also have a toddler seat attached to it (no...

Monday 19 December 06:46pm

NIQUE replied to topic Soothers??

my daughter loved the Happy baby dummys with the cherry teat from the supermarket they are cheap to,i spent heaps of money buying expensive dummys like nuk,avent etc and she would only suck the che...

Monday 19 December 06:16pm

NIQUE replied to topic Seeking friendships with mothers with unsettled babies in Narre Warren

Hi Michelle, my name is Monique and i can relate to your situation my little boy is 2 1/2 months and a very unsettled bub to.I have been to Rosebud hospital also for the mother & baby unit with my ...

Sunday 04 December 01:05pm

NIQUE replied to topic how do I clean his penis?

when i bath my son i just wash it with a washer and soap just like the rest of his body, you dont need to pull back the foreskin as this will hurt them.Hope this helps

Friday 04 November 08:50pm

NIQUE replied to topic october babies

Hi Meegs,Iwas just looking at the Oct post and noticed its gone quiet everyone must be busy with new bubs.Well Brody is now 5 1/2 weeks & starting to get chubby cos he eats non stop,i also got my f...

Friday 04 November 07:49pm

NIQUE replied to topic HELP...Contractions or wot??

Sounds like labour,This is how mine started,good luck if it is & keep us posted

Friday 28 October 05:04pm

NIQUE replied to topic Annoying in-laws

Hi, i have a mother in law like that,first when my daughter was 2 months old & being a bit fussy with her feeds my MIL said i should be giving her wheat bix cos she is wanting solid food & "she ha...

Thursday 22 September 05:39pm

NIQUE replied to topic Automatic Breast pump Brands?

Hi, i have just got the Ameda double electric it has heaps of different suction strengths & cycles,it is designed for everyday use & expressing once returning to work,it would depend on how many ti...

Friday 16 September 06:21pm

NIQUE replied to topic Perisac Bleed

Hi Alexg,i just typed in perisac bleed in Google and found a few things on this & also some posts from people that have also had this happen didn't find alot though. Hope this helps Monique

Sunday 11 September 05:40am

NIQUE replied to topic Hi!

Hi Nova, Iam thinking of doing study in the nursing field & wanted to know do you need to do DIV 1 before Midwifery ? also how long is the course(3y?) how many days a week & is it hard when you hav...

Saturday 27 August 08:32am

NIQUE replied to topic when did you start giving fingerfoods?

Hi stina81, i was just looking in a food ideas book & it says the best time to introduce fingerfoods is about 9months due to better developed hand/eye & chewing control Some food ideas are.... *li...

Monday 22 August 05:01pm
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