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Madmel replied to topic Cries at the drop of a hat

It sounds like a phase they are going through and a part of their development into Toddlerhood LOL. My son is 19 months old and does that same thing at home. Teething hasnt healped since he just br...

Saturday 06 June 05:45pm

Madmel replied to topic Toddlers attitude/behaviour problems

You have a duaghter that sounds like my head strong niece. My BIL used to put her in the baby seat when things got too much and let her sit there for 10mins (mind you not in summer) Since she coul...

Tuesday 03 March 02:04pm

Madmel replied to topic Nappy Change Nightmare

Oh you poor girls...You are all in that same boat since my lil boy does the same thing. I try different things, give him the nappy, nappy wipe etc. But he still runs around nuddy when he excapes LO...

Tuesday 03 March 01:56pm

Madmel replied to topic 1yr old vaccinations - Updated

I only gave Panadol before bed so my DS wouldnt be troubled of the sore arms and legs at night. But he only came up with a faint red rash all over his body. Its only horrible since they are gettin...

Saturday 03 January 06:34pm

Madmel replied to topic OCTOBER 2007 - Mummies and Bubbies - Take 2

Betty so glad to hear that Edison is doing well in Childcare, its tough working and looking after a child, but you get yourself into a routine and you just soilder-on LOL Fj got spoiled over xmas ...

Saturday 03 January 06:28pm

Madmel replied to topic OCTOBER 2007 - Mummies and Bubbies - Take 2

Wow it has been a while. So glad to hear everyone's lil bubbas now toddlers (hehe sounds funny) are thriving. Helen your family is beautiful girl, just had a look at your siggy picture. Update on...

Friday 12 December 05:41pm

Madmel replied to topic circumcision in melbourne

I was wanting my DS to be circumzised, but was unabl to do so because of the extra cost. I was quoted $1200 at the RCH. My ol GP used to do them back in the day, but informed that liability insuran...

Tuesday 25 November 08:18pm

Madmel replied to topic Introducing water

Same..persistance is the key unfortunately. My DS was the same and it wasnt till around 10 months he was finally accepting water. If you can get him to drink water, you will find Kinder year easie...

Tuesday 25 November 07:40pm

Madmel replied to topic when did you put your baby in there own bedroom?

Personal choice really for everyone. DS ended up in his own room after 4 weeks since DH couldnt get a full nights rest with DS in the room. Well you think about it bubbas are quite noisy sleepers w...

Tuesday 11 November 05:55pm

Madmel replied to topic Incessant Standing

Oh yeah! pretty normal here as well. DS is a challenge to chnage a nappy, the minute it is off he is off like a rocket LOL and putting it on is a task. He is very inquiztive lil fella and with the...

Tuesday 11 November 05:50pm

Madmel replied to topic Baby sleeps more during the day when learning to crawl and walk?

Sounds like your DD sleeping habits are changing. Yeah they are more bound to get tired because of the new activity. But usually around 9 months bubbas sleep starting going from 3 sleeps a day to 2...

Tuesday 11 November 05:46pm

Madmel replied to topic slings

I had a cloth sling which was the best thing I ever brought. I puchased it of ebay for around $40. They do have a web site if your are interested. Mel

Thursday 23 October 05:40pm

Madmel replied to topic Termite baby...

Oh I luaghed at the title of this post! NOICE ONE!! LOL Dont fret, my DS loves eating anything thats on the floor or furniture. Its their way of exploring. Try giving him a wooden spoon perhaps, i...

Tuesday 21 October 07:47am

Madmel replied to topic Changing Breakfast Routine

My DS is the same..I have tried changing the brekky routine to having breakky first then bottle but, he is too thirsty in the morning that he wants his bottle. So dont fret, my DS is nearly 1 but y...

Tuesday 21 October 07:43am

Madmel replied to topic ********Starting on solids but need some advice********

Avacardo is a good one to start of with. Pears are great help for constipation, but expect that when starting on solids since it takes a little while for their tummies to get used to the "new" stuf...

Tuesday 21 October 07:37am

Madmel replied to topic Gone off his solids DS was 10 months before the first tooth came out. But he hasnt spat his food back out at the moment *crossing fingers* But teething, growth spurts, and illness will put a bubba of their...

Tuesday 21 October 07:30am

Madmel replied to topic I would go to bed anytime with.....

LMAO what a topic! Great one!!!! hmmmm Angelina who I think is stunning! the blokes..Dean and Sam from Supertnatural

Sunday 19 October 06:57pm

Madmel replied to topic Gone off his solids

I DS went very much off his solids whilst teething.

Sunday 19 October 06:46pm

Madmel replied to topic Not Crawling

Not to worry there..My DS didnt crawl until 10 1/2 months and pretty much cut his first teeth in that month as well. Seems he hit that month and everything clicked!

Wednesday 15 October 05:59pm

Madmel replied to topic WHen do you stop using boiled water

I was the same, I stopped sterilzing after DS starting putting everything in his mouth. He is nearly one and just got his teeth so I am gonna stop using boiled water. He already drinks tap water so...

Wednesday 15 October 08:31am
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