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rossmount replied to topic low milk supply? HELP!

Don't beat yourself up over BF. It is more important to have a happy contended babies. I was flat out producing more than 10 mls per breast and because of the hype about BF starved my first baby ...

Wednesday 17 August 08:05am

rossmount replied to topic What offensive/inappropriate comments/opinions do you get?

I think I can top these. I have been sick lately and rang the registered nurse at my OB office to discuss this. Basically my 14 month old developed HFM (hand, foot and mouth) at day care and I was ...

Friday 31 October 08:58am

rossmount started new topic Whats a good age gap between the little ones?

I have a DS aged 4 months and am itching to have another. If TTC works for me later this month than the age gap would only be 14 months. How do others get on with that? Its just that at 36 times...

Thursday 10 January 09:57pm

rossmount started new topic Breast Feeding Failure - Is my milk likely to increase?

I have a 2 and a half week old baby boy. All was well in the feeding department (or so I thought). He was latching on well and feeding for 20-30 minutes a time, sleeping OK but not settling in ...

Wednesday 12 September 11:02am
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