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tiffanysmummy replied to topic Infected Nose

Is it actual sores on or around her nose? If so, she may need to be treated for school sores. My DD fell over and scun her nose and top lip. She happened to visit the doctors with my Mum and the do...

Wednesday 16 May 05:02am

tiffanysmummy replied to topic nose picking

My 20 mo DD is now picking her nose all the time. She is pretty good at getting the boogers too. We were out in the car one day and my dad was in the front passenger seat. Tiffany was making noises...

Wednesday 16 May 04:44am

tiffanysmummy replied to topic Sticky/Outy Belly!!

My 20 mo DD has a huge belly too. I've heard that some kids bellies don't go away until about 4 and that it's perfectly normal as their stomach muscles just aren't developed properly yet.

Wednesday 16 May 04:33am

tiffanysmummy replied to topic red hair

We had exactly the same thing! We were expecting a blonde haired blue eyed baby, but got a hed head much to our surprise. I've looked back through both our families, and my great grandmother had re...

Wednesday 16 May 04:21am

tiffanysmummy replied to topic help!!! change table too short

My DD is 20 months and about 93cm long, so definitely hangs over the end of the change table. She doesn't seem to mind and either lets her legs hang, or tucks them up and puts her feet on the end o...

Wednesday 16 May 04:07am
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