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mumtoash replied to topic Mothers Group Meetin on sunshine coast

Hey RnJboyce told me about the meet on Wednesday.. I am going to join you if thats ok...

Tuesday 14 August 04:32pm

mumtoash replied to topic March 2007 bubs

Hey guys I found you!!! I have changed my username. I was bechope. Ashlee is 3 1/2 weeks now and she is doing good. Hope to talk to you guys soon.. Bec

Saturday 21 April 11:40am

mumtoash started new topic Dream feeds

can someone please tell me what a dream feed is?

Saturday 21 April 11:34am

mumtoash replied to topic mums sunshine coast

Hey Shannon, I live on the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore. I have a 3 week old daughter. We are always looking for new friends.

Thursday 19 April 04:35pm

mumtoash replied to topic What were you doing when your waters broke?

I was actually sitting at the computer talking to some friends on MSN. I went into labour 1 hour later and give birth to my daughter 12 hours after that.

Wednesday 18 April 05:24pm
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