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Sharoo replied to topic Photo Shop

For very basic editing I use Picasa. If you are clueless about photo editing try this, it is unbelievable simple and can give so much more to average photos. It ha...

Tuesday 20 July 04:00pm

Sharoo replied to topic Please help - molluscum contaagiam/contagiosm

My daugther had it under her arm. The doctor said to pop them and just make sure they don't get infected. I night we sat and did it, she screamed but we gave her something she wanted after and they...

Monday 12 October 11:21pm

Sharoo started new topic would you tell?

Its sounds a bit complicated, but will try to make it sound simple. My brother Glenn is going out with my friend Sam. Her sisters bf Josh is working with my brother. Both Glenn and Josh work wit...

Tuesday 12 May 08:26pm

Sharoo replied to topic Sole custody

I spoke too soon He went to court and got Yet ANOTHER second chance. 4 year licence disqualification, $1000 fine and a 1 year good behaviour bond. I wish I had his Luck! He gets out of everythin...

Saturday 21 March 12:24am

Sharoo started new topic Sympathy/support card

Not sure if anyone has seen on the news the story about the Lioness that escaped from Mogo Zoo, but the girls have drawn pictures to give to Sally (the zoo keeper) and I wanted to write something i...

Friday 20 March 12:29pm

Sharoo replied to topic Gardening with kids

I buy vege plants and flowers for the girls, they are too impatient for seeds. They like to put on gloves and dig/hack at the dirt. I fenced of an area for their garden annd the rest is all mine!! ...

Tuesday 17 March 09:19am

Sharoo replied to topic Sole custody

Well I have bugged my ex to call for his mediation and still nothing until today, not from him, his brother. He sent me this link- MALUA BAY (FAR SOUTH COAST): About 6:20pm yesterday (Monday 26 Ja...

Wednesday 11 March 10:47pm

Sharoo replied to topic i had chosen the perfect baby name

I like Calais and I was thinking about renaming my dog that when I adopted her! It was because of the cars. I dunno about Icesis either but that's me and I am in general not good with 'unique' nam...

Thursday 05 March 10:59pm

Sharoo started new topic Bringing Up Baby (media Watch)

Like the show? Watch THIS! (referring to the lady that puts the outside and is super strict) The Times revealed that Verity wasn't a qualified maternity nurse - or a nurse of any kind. She hold...

Wednesday 04 March 10:48pm

Sharoo replied to topic Sole custody

Hi thanks so much for your replies. I went to my mediation and it was so good I felt so much better letting it all out to someone! They had to invite him by post to the mediation and I didn't kno...

Wednesday 04 March 10:01pm

Sharoo replied to topic To those who have their....

I have been pulled over once for a RBT but they weren't letting any cars past we had to queue. It was only a while ago. I am on my green Ps.

Wednesday 04 March 02:38pm

Sharoo replied to topic How is it

A few months ago I went from having a savings account to struggling week to week! My dog got sick (vet costs), My brother broke up with his gf and I gave him a bit of money to help him out on top ...

Wednesday 04 March 12:41pm

Sharoo replied to topic Along the teenage pregnancy lines..

To be honest I think the broken crying doll is a better life lesson. Hearing a crying baby and sticking the 'key' in seems to easy. What about in real life when you pick up the baby and it doesn't ...

Wednesday 04 March 09:18am

Sharoo replied to topic Kids and takeaway

We get takeaway only if everyone in our house wants something. We occasionally get chinese, but its really a luxury as it is expensive. The girls try a bit of what everyone is getting. Today I am ...

Tuesday 03 March 03:49pm

Sharoo replied to topic iPod Help...Again!

You need to add Playlists. Go to FILE then down to NEW PLAYLIST Name it whatever you want. Then go to Library and click on the songs you want (use ctrl or shift if its a lot) then drag them to t...

Friday 27 February 12:08am

Sharoo replied to topic how come kids always get the better of you?

Lol. I always remember the quote I saw on 'Everybody loves Raymond' It was something like "The kids know I have to love them and they use that love against me" Brooke is going through a stage of ...

Tuesday 24 February 12:18pm

Sharoo replied to topic I am doing what I said I would NEVER do again....

I feel it so bad atm! One of my best friends had a baby yesterday and he is so cute, they had to practically pry him out of my arms! lol! Lily turns 2 next month I didn't realise how Big she was ...

Tuesday 24 February 12:11pm

Sharoo replied to topic Here's a juicy one for those of us still awake!

I lost mine when I was 14 to my bf. He was 16 and a virgin too so it was EXTREMELY

Sunday 22 February 11:14pm

Sharoo replied to topic who's awake

I still am up, I am picking my brother and his mate up from wherever they end up later and If I go to sleep I doubt I'll be getting up for them! lol. I'm also waiting for news on the arrival of my...

Sunday 22 February 11:12pm

Sharoo replied to topic make up help+hair pic

I only use a $1 or $2 pencil eyeliner from cos-cut and it works great, its really trial and error at what works best for you. I had no luck with photos

Saturday 21 February 12:30pm
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