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Mishaela replied to topic Pyloric Stenosis

Thank you for your concern everybody. Yes, she had to have the same op yet again. The only difference this time is that her incision on both the inside and out is a little bit longer. They say h...

Tuesday 17 May 05:17am

Mishaela replied to topic Pyloric Stenosis

Mishaela was not spilly from the start. She just started power chucking one day and it never stopped until I took her to hospital. My midwife was saying that I wasn't feeding her right and then sh...

Monday 09 May 03:53pm

Mishaela started new topic Pyloric Stenosis

Mishaela was born 23/03/2005. On April 4th I phoned my midwife to tell her that Mishaela had been throwing up all her milk that she had received. She came and examined her and told me that I shoul...

Thursday 28 April 02:07pm

Mishaela replied to topic Announce your baby's birth here

Hello Congratulations to all the new mums and dads out there. We had a baby girl on 23 March at 12.55am. GESTATION: 39.6 HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: 34cm WEIGHT: 3030gms (6 lbs 11 ozs) We named her Mish...

Thursday 28 April 01:52pm

Mishaela replied to topic Scared Of Natural Birth

Amanda, I had a natural birth with my daughter and I if you just believe in yourself and breathe through your contractions then you and your little one will be just fine. I didn't have enough time...

Thursday 28 April 01:39pm

Mishaela replied to topic Very fast labours

I had my baby on the 23 March. My waters started breaking in blobs at about 3.30pm and then by 4.30pm the contractions started. They were irregular from the beginning. I was having 3 at 5 mins, ...

Thursday 28 April 01:27pm

Mishaela replied to topic Any mums from new zealand

Hiya, I am a mother of a 5 week old baby. It is great to see another Kiwi on here as well. Yes we are out here, but it must be that we a shy bunch LOL. Would love to chat with you too.

Thursday 28 April 01:16pm
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