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HJnTPs_Mummy replied to topic When can bubs go in the pool?

Hiya, We were just discussing this in my mothers group. They recommend bubs waits til 6 months to use pulbic pools as they are 'fully' immunised at that time. Your own pool you can put them in...

Friday 10 February 08:06pm

HJnTPs_Mummy replied to topic Infection Woes

Hiya, I am currently 37 weeks (nearly 38 yay!) but I have had 3 UTIs, 1 after the other and the doc has prescribed me antibiotics all those times, I asked my OB if antibiotics were safe, and he sa...

Friday 11 November 03:06pm

HJnTPs_Mummy started new topic Hospital Bag

Hiya, I'm a first time mum and I am unsure of what to pack in my bag...the hosptial has given me a basic list, but I was wondering if people have any other things that might be packed...your help ...

Monday 10 October 01:22pm

HJnTPs_Mummy replied to topic .....

Hey, I have no idea whether they're ok for us preggers woman to have...being so late in the pregnancy i would assume it would be ok...but you should never assume anything. So, in saying that, go...

Friday 07 October 06:40pm

HJnTPs_Mummy started new topic Breast changing size??

Hiya, Im nearly 30 weeks preggers and well, I dont know if im going insane, but I swear my breasts have shrunk...I still fit into my bra that im wearing, but it looks like they have shrunk...maybe...

Monday 19 September 02:50pm
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