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Reidena started new topic Beautiful Boy!!!!

Hi all just wanted to announce the safe arrival, FINALLY, of Harrison Phillip Way on the 30th Dec 2005 at 11:14 pm at John Hunter Hospital, 8'8" or 3840g, 51cm long, head circumference 36cm.

Saturday 14 January 10:51pm

Reidena replied to topic Toddler slaps her own face

Hi i hope this helps, my son used to headbutt everything not soft but flat out as hard as he could. Tiles, concrete, walls and even me!! he used to do the same thing whenever he really hurt himself...

Monday 21 November 11:31am

Reidena started new topic HELP NEED BOYS NAMES ASAP

I have 4 weeks till im due to give birth to our second son and my fiancee, Steven, and i cant agree on any names!! Everyname i like he hates and he wont even make suggestions. His middle name wil...

Saturday 19 November 07:26am

Reidena replied to topic Standing up in cot

Just leave him there my son used to talk himself to sleep. If he gets distressed go in and reassure him but leave him in the cot, otherwise he will get confused and think its time to play. He will ...

Friday 18 November 11:26am

Reidena started new topic Toddlers and Newborns

Im due to have my second child in december and my son will be 2 years nine months by then anyone have tips as to how i can make this transition as easy as possible?

Wednesday 16 November 01:34pm
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