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jordismummy replied to topic strechmarks

I have been really lucky with both my pregnancies - my first I got no stretchmarks except at the end of my appendix scar which just blended in with the scar and could not be noticed. My son was a ...

Sunday 16 January 02:53am

jordismummy replied to topic what does labour feel like?

I hate to sound blunt - but whatever anyone tells you, you will never be prepared for what to expect when it actually comes down to it. It is very different for everyone, my two pregnancies were a...

Sunday 26 September 05:57pm

jordismummy replied to topic spotting in early pregnancy without pain

Hi there, I spotted right throughout my whole first pregnancy - particularly after sex... After speaking with my midwife I was told that this can be normal for some people and that unless its acc...

Tuesday 22 June 11:57pm

jordismummy replied to topic PANADOL not helping any other remediesPLZ

A Friend of mine is using a Maternity Belt that she swears by for Sciatica Problems - I am six months pregnant and am also getting bad sciatica pains so have one ordered also. Maybe worth a try!!

Wednesday 26 May 06:46pm

jordismummy replied to topic No morning sickness

My first pregnancy was picture perfect, the whole thing... No morning Sickness, No Cravings, No Mood Swings, 45 Minute Labour, Three Pushes, No Stretch Marks the whole thing was Great. I am curren...

Wednesday 21 April 04:59am

jordismummy started new topic Little Sister there for Birth???

I am in two minds about my three year old being at the birth of her new baby brother/sister. I think it would be a great 'bond' between them and think that I would sub/or consiously try to control...

Wednesday 24 March 05:57am
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