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[email protected] started new topic Do you need a cake?

Hi ladies, I've just started my own business making cakes for all occasions. If you would like to see some of my work or find out more you can find me on facebook just search for Becka's Cakes for...

Saturday 12 February 03:21pm

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Hi ladies, I have the medela swing pump and it is brilliant. I nearly got rid of it cos i wasnt planning any more kids. luckily i found out before i did. its an electric pump but can be battery or...

Monday 15 November 05:31am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Im going public. hopefully to the same hospital i had my other three at. that is of course if i dont go into labour at home lol my last labour was literally 15minutes so if it happens at home it wi...

Friday 12 November 03:13am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Hey ladies back again. Scan went great. wont know my results till next week though but looking at the measurements i'm not too worried. anyway i'm gonna have a nap before i have to pick my stepson...

Thursday 11 November 02:41am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Hey ladies, Im off to have my downs scan in a couple of hours. so will jump back on later and let you know how it went. i am feeling like total crap at the moment as my ms is flaring up and i cons...

Wednesday 10 November 11:02pm

[email protected] replied to topic 7 seater car

Provided there are anchor points there it shouldnt be a problem. I have a holden Zafira and the third row doesnt have anchor points but the entire middle row has one for each seat. If you are unsur...

Friday 05 November 01:23am

[email protected] replied to topic holding his crutch

Just thought i'd add that if he did have a uti cranberry juice would be best for him especially if you want to avoid giving him antibiotics. my 2yr old constantly grabbed his willy and we gave him ...

Thursday 04 November 03:14pm

[email protected] replied to topic November 09 babies

Hi Ladies, My baby boy Hunter was born 2weeks early on the 16th November after i was induced due to cholestasis. Labour was extremely quick (15minutes!!! I kid you not). He's almost 1 now and has ...

Tuesday 02 November 03:18am

[email protected] replied to topic ~ MAY 2007 BABES ~

Hi my DD was born 26th May 2007. She's pretty much a small version of me already lol and likes to copy everything i do.

Tuesday 02 November 03:05am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

April 26th Nicky_Cooper+Zack #3 April 27th Woo#2 May 1st Basil44 May 2nd WanakaNZ #1, beetle84 #1 May 3rd bec wa #2 Ccbums #3 / missfinni #3 May 4th Wlmajurey #3 May 5th May 6th Zaralea # 2 May 7th...

Tuesday 02 November 03:00am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Hey lovelies, Constantly feeling sick but not actually chucking yet thank goodness. havent gained any wieght with pregnancy (which is good considering i was 40kg overweight before i fell preggas)...

Tuesday 19 October 03:32am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Hi everyone, Sorry to hear of your loss Laura jane. Stray strong and all the best for the future. I cant remember who asked about cars for more than 3 kids... I have four kids already and drive ...

Friday 15 October 04:29am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

I am from Perth, have been here two years from NZ. Well, my news. I have had intermittent but incredibly painful cramps for 4 days. The doctor is worried about ectopic but there is also an unexpl...

Wednesday 13 October 06:20am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

I knew it was you, we are distant relatives! lol, Peter and Lori are my mum Cheryls first cousins, I was at your sisters wedding where you were bridesmaid! haha small world huh?? Do you not reall...

Tuesday 12 October 05:11am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Your face is so familiar to me, do you have a brother in law called peter Vinten? and your sister is Lynda? yep that would be them lol not that i often own up to being her sister lol

Tuesday 12 October 04:39am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

Hi Ladies im from Airlie Beach QLD, Am now 8 wks; hooray getting closer to the 12 wk mark. How is everyone else feeling? I have been SO sick have made a heap of new friends at the local hospial h...

Tuesday 12 October 03:58am

[email protected] replied to topic May Babes 2011

hi ladies, mind if i join in. I'm 7 weeks with my 4th child but am a step mum with fulltime care of my stepson so technically this is child number 5 and definately my last lol i'm due 25th May. the...

Thursday 07 October 07:28am

[email protected] replied to topic November 2009 Babies

Hi ladies. i'm pleased to announce the safe arrival of our precious lil boy Hunter born on Monday 16th at 8:32pm weighing 3620grams (7lb 15.6oz ) and 52cm long. Went i at 4pm for ctg as i had ch...

Tuesday 24 November 11:51pm

[email protected] replied to topic November 2009 Babies

Hey ladies, haven't been on in so long as this time around i have had a really rotten pregnancy and still getting worse. have been having contractions since sunday as i have an irretable uterus ca...

Saturday 31 October 03:22pm

[email protected] replied to topic November 2009 Babies

Hi ladies, Hope everyone is doing well? Havent been able to get on for ages cos everytime i get close to updating the list or posting my 10month old decides he wants to play up lol my 2yr old had ...

Thursday 09 July 08:23pm
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