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melheide started new topic Hair loss

Hi i am not sure what is going on but i wanted to get the feelers out and see if anyone else has experienced this. My baby is four months old this week. My period has not yet returned but i have a ...

Friday 07 December 03:14pm

melheide started new topic first period after pregnancy

Just wondering what everyones experiences were with the first period after pregnancy. I cant remember from my last pregnancy. my son is 9 weeks old and i am not BF i have had this really annoying s...

Friday 02 November 02:33pm

melheide replied to topic DNA Tests - determining identical or fraternal twins??

Hey we were told all through my pregnancy and early days after delivery that the girls were definately not identical. They had there own sac and placenta so it would be rare for them to be identica...

Thursday 01 November 11:39am

melheide replied to topic Lexapro??

Hey I am on lexapro too and Nausea and headache are one of the major initial side effects. The Doc usually starts you on a half dose for 6 days and then onto a full dose to help wean you onto the m...

Sunday 14 October 03:42pm

melheide started new topic Female Sterilization

Hi everyone My husband and i have our perfect little family of three children, and we are definately sure we do not want anymore. I am looking into contraception options at the moment I have look...

Thursday 11 October 10:11am

melheide replied to topic giving medication and fluid intake

Hi there I have just been given for my newborn a fantastic little medicine feeder and i cant see why it wouldnt work on a 14 month old. It is a plastic little cup that has a screw on teat like a ...

Wednesday 10 October 11:57am

melheide replied to topic WHAT THE!

What a crappy day!!! I am so sorry to hear your son is sick - It is really hard work at the best of times let alone when people make you feel stupid. Keep your chin up. How are us mums suppossed to...

Friday 28 September 03:44pm

melheide replied to topic Baby shifts sideways in cot at night. Help!

Hi the best thing i have found for all three of my children in called a safe and sound baby bolster. It is specifically designed to stop the baby moving around in the cot. it is yellow in colour an...

Friday 28 September 02:02pm

melheide started new topic For mothers who cant or chose not to breastfeed

Hi ladies after trying hard to breastfeed i (under the care of a GP and Paedo) have decided to give up breastfeeding. I am already getting crappy comments that are totally unwanted from interferrin...

Friday 28 September 10:37am

melheide started new topic Exercise after c-section

Hi there does anybody have a general idea on exercise after c-section? I definately do not feel like running the Boston marathon or anything but was just wondering when and how to ease back into ...

Friday 21 September 11:25am

melheide started new topic post birth bleeding stopped for a week suddenly returned???

Hi My newborn is now three weeks old. I bled for two weeks and then stopped. I cant remember how long i bled for with my first children. Has anyone had this reoccurance of bleeding after a week o...

Friday 21 September 10:27am

melheide replied to topic Found- flattering post pregnancy jeans!

Thankyou so much for that post - I am still in my maternity jeans or larger tracksuits etc. I am dying to get into some "normal" clothes and just to feel a bit glam. I am going for a new hair do ne...

Friday 21 September 10:17am

melheide started new topic Day/Night clock reversed

Hi everybody, My 2 week old son has his body clock in reverse. He is a great little sleeper during the day however at night he wants to party and often results in a cranky overtired baby. I would s...

Sunday 16 September 08:27am

melheide started new topic Having baby number 3 tomorrow and feeling really sad to leave my other two at home.

I am a very blessed mummy to 3 year old twin girls. They are my life. I love being a mummy and cant express how much i feel fulfilled by them every day. Due to medical reasons i have to be booked...

Thursday 30 August 06:36pm

melheide replied to topic I have a few issues aout my OBB What do I do????

Hi there I would definately talk to your GP about your choices. I am 39 1/2 weeks now and today had my first appointment with a new obs. who due to my blood pressure and other problems booked me in...

Thursday 30 August 06:22pm

melheide replied to topic C-section

I think like with everything everyones experience is different. My experience was as follows. We checked into the hospital at 7am and by 8.30am we were into surgery and i was having an epidural - I...

Thursday 30 August 03:37pm

melheide replied to topic My first minor scare as a mother

Hi there isn't it awful when these things happen? My worst scare was in december last year my two year old at the time was playing with her twin sister in the kitchen as i was washing up. My hubb...

Thursday 30 August 10:40am

melheide started new topic What were you doing when you went into labour? anything you think triggered it?

Like the title says, what were you doing when you went into labour? do you think your activity at the time was in anyway responsible for triggering it? Or do you think it just happens when it happe...

Tuesday 28 August 10:20am

melheide replied to topic wonderful partners

SOOOO fantastic to hear some good daddy stories. I am also one of the most fortunate ladies alive. My hubby is great with out kids and never thinks twice about helping out around the house. He work...

Tuesday 28 August 09:23am

melheide replied to topic Gestational diabetes and glucose intolerance test?

Hi There My first blood glucose challenge came back positive and i had to also go for the fasting blood glucose tolerance test. My second test result came back as being perfectly normal. My GP exp...

Monday 27 August 05:19pm
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