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Hi everyone, Tannah is now 10 weeks old, she had her 2 month immunisation needles last week, i made hubby hold her while they gave them to her, I couldn't watch. Had a bad night with her that night, she didn't want to let me go. Then she got a cold as well, it's horrible seeing a little baby feeling so bad. We're all settled in our new house, we all love it! Wasn't sure how Tannah would go, sleeping in her own room but she hasn't had any problems, I think she probably sleeps better now she doesn't hear her dad snoring! Better go, have to work out how to transfer photo's onto this USB thingy to send to my dad and stepmum - she sent instructions but they don't make sense!

There's no lumps or bumps on her cheek, and the skin doesn't feel dry at all. It's better today, not as red. She's my first baby, and i just assumed that teething was at least a few months off yet. I had a look at her gums and there is definitely a couple of bumps in there, doesn't seem to be worrying her too much though. Thanks for the advice.

Hi, I'm after a bit of advice. My 10 week daughter has one red cheek, which is fairly warm to the touch. She had her first immunisation needles 5 days ago, and has a cold at the moment, and is dribbling lots. She's too young to be teething, was thinking it was to do with her cold, but can't understand why it's only one cheek. Her appetite is normal and she's sleeping ok. Should I take her to the doctors? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi everyone, Enjoyed my first mothers day! Got sent back to bed for a sleep in, which was lovely, and was given a voucher for a facial and a massage - can't wait to use that! Had Tannah's 8 week check today, she's 5.24 kg and 57.5cm long. She was sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks, but the last few nights has woken up for a feed around 4am, which was a big shock for me - i'd got used to sleeping through the night again. Hopefully she'll sleep right through over the next few nights, we move house on Wednesday and that is stressful enough without doing it sleep deprived. Getting heaps of big grins now, which makes it all worthwhile. Liz.

Hi, My hubby has 2 boys from an earlier relationship, aged 12 and 6, and we have an 8 week old daughter together. We have had a lot of trouble with his ex, from the time we got together, and we were worried about how the boys would react to us having a baby together. The 12yo struggled for a while, but they both adore her, they don't care about seeing us now, they just want to know when they can see their sister! We've decided to concentrate on the kids when they are with us, and try to ignore anything said by the ex and her family - easier said than done sometimes, but we try. We also try to get them to understand that there are basic rules to follow at our house - regular bedtimes, no playing footy in the house(!), etc. It was hard for the boys to understand that there are different rules for our house to their house, but they got there. The bottom line for us is that we can only control what goes on in our house, we have no control on what is said and done when they are at home, ...

Hi Melissa, Tannah goes through the same thing, some days it seems like i do nothing but feed her. I'm guessing that it's growth spurts, other days she doesn't seem to have much at all. She's started to sleep for 7-8 hours regularly at night time, which is fabulous, although she doesn't go to sleep until around midnight but sleeps until around 7am. She doen't sleep much through the day though, only cat naps. Got big cheesy grins happening now - they are so cute!

Hi My name is Liz, I'm 32 and mum to 6 week old daughter Tannah, also have 2 step-sons (12 & 6yrs). Hubby's name is Anthony, we live in Bendigo, victoria. I'm very new to the site, but visit when i can.

Hi, mine is [email protected] i have a daughter who's 6 weeks old

Hi all, I've also only recently joined, have only just found out about the site & forum, but am enjoying it. My daughter Tannah Grace was born on 19th March, she's now 6 weeks old. She weighed 4.38kg at her 4 week checkup, a kilo more than when she was born. Am getting used to being a mum, enjoying it more every day, now that she is starting to smile and be more active. Would love a little more sleep though! She's had the odd night where she's slept for around 7 hours, but usually she's awake around 4ish. Hopefully more nights of 7 hours sleep won't be too far away. Liz