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Friends of ours have a little girl named Arden, I love it. We have other friends who have a daughter named Aspen, which I love too.

Hi all, Baby news from me too - had our little girl, Jamisyn Charli, on sunday 15/11 - 8pd 1oz. Natural birth, very quick - first mild contraction at 6.30am, waters broken by doc at 11.30am, was only 4cm dilated then, and she was born at 12.15pm! We are both well. Haven't read all the other posts so congrats to any other november mummies who've had their bubs!!

Congrats Pippa on the arrival of Phoenix! And on a nice quick labour! No baby here yet 39 weeks today... and it's stinking hot... I would have to be massively pregnant during the hottest november in 100 years *rolls eyes* Saw ob yesterday, bubs is still only 4/5 engaged, but he said thats normal for second bubs. Still having heaps of niggles and pains as it's moving around... got another appt next tuesday to see him, but sooo hoping bubs arrives before then! Have done this weeks groceries, so there's food for hubby & DD, so there's no reason not to have the baby... so come on out baby!! If it's not here by next tuesday, i'll be pushing ob for s&s or something to encourage it!! Anyway hope everyone is well, and coping with this ridiculous heatwave!

I always check his pants pockets, but never thought to check his shirt pockets, as he usually empties it as soon as he gets home... but have (in the past few months) washed his notebook, a cigarette, his work key, and his pen. So have to remind myself to check the shirt pockets too!

I love the NERD in binary, that is hilarious!! I'd love to get a tattoo, just something small with kids names in it. But I'm a sook with pain, so it will probably never happen. DH has heaps of tatts, shoulders, arms, legs, back. Best one is the one with mine and DD's name in it, he'll have to have new bubs name added as well!

Congratulations Mel on the arrival of Chloe! Wonderful news! My bub seems to want to stay put - 37+2 today. Saw doc on Tuesday, said bub isn't engaged yet but that second bubs often don't engage till the last minute. And I've tested positive for strep b, so have to head to hospital as soon as things start to happen to have the anti-biotics. Very disappointed, as I wanted to stay home as long as I could, but obviously bubs health comes first. Hopefully the rest of the birth will go to plan! Having lots of low down pains, usually at the end of the day, and a lot of back pain too (hoping that bub isn't posterior - Tannah was but turned over at last minute). Have been leaning over the coffee table at night time and getting hubby to massage my back - good practice for him for the labour! Baby dust to all! Hopefully there'll be a few more babies born over the weekend!

Hi all, Huge congrats to Danni on the arrival of your twins! Love the names. 3 weeks and 2 days to go - not that I'm counting. Baby can come anytime from next week though - I'm a little over it! Can't wait to get my body back and to be able to sleep on my belly... and to meet the baby! And find out whether it's a boy or girl. Have got bag all packed now, except for toiletries, and am as organised as I can be. Have washed all the wraps and blankets again today (I think i'd already done it but did it again anyway) and have made up bassinette this morning. Not much more to do now but wait.... Been having a few braxton hicks contractions too, and am also having trouble sleeping - just can't get comfortable, have bad reflux and to top it off, hubby has a cold and spends half the night coughing. So there's not a lot of sleeping going on. Hope everyone is well, can't be too much longer before the next Nov bub arrives! [Edited on 26/10/2009]

We've actually got Deegan picked if our bub is a boy! So yep, I like it!! And I'd still use James for a middle name if you want... or maybe Jack? Or Joshua? Good luck!

I'm going to SJOG - had DD there and they were great. Anyday is good for me except Wednesdays... and anywhere!

Posted by: LizzE PS Blonde Lizzard I've sent u a private msg in regards to meeting up have u got it yet? No haven't got a msg? Might have to send it again! All going well with us, saw ob on Tues, am measuring spot on for dates and bub is still head down but not in pelvis yet. Guess it's not coming early after all. Am getting to be a bit over it all - have tried to enjoy it as I know we're not having any more, but am really looking forward to getting my body back just for me! And can't wait to be able to sleep on me belly again!! So have finally got hubby to agree on a girls name, so names are all sorted. think i'm pretty much organised - clothes washed, sheets washed, just have to organise bubs room properly but won't do that till after it's born (will be in bassinette in our room for a while, and my dad and step-mum are coming to stay with us for a few days after the birth, so need the spare bed up until after they go.... sucks cos I want to do it now!!) About the cloth nap...