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Hey there, I'd be interested in a Bendigo meet as well! I'm Liz, have a 2 1/2 yo DD named Tannah, and have another on the way, due in November. LizzE, think I know you from the due in Nov thread?

Hi all, Been ages since I posted!! All going well, will be 32 weeks on Wednesday. Bubs spends a lot of time head down, bum up so hopefully will stay that way! Have been having lots of low down pains (feel like mini contractions) so am guessing they are braxton hicks. Got names sorted now I think (well definitly have boys name sorted, hubby refuses to budge on the girls name we had picked ages ago but that I went off a little bit... and I'm a bit sick of looking for more girls names! Lucky I don't hate the name...) Have got most things sorted, all bubs clothes washed, and have packed bubs stuff for hospital - haven't done mine yet as am still wearing it! Just have to wash bed linen for bubs, then pretty much done until he/she arrives. Can't believe there's only 8 weeks to go!!!

What do you think of using Flynn for a girl? Have less than 10 weeks to go, and have our boys names decided on, but we are struggling to agree on girls names. Thought of Flynn this morning and wondered what others would think??

Use people that you know! My mum made our cake and my SIL did my make up, so that saved heaps. I got my shoes from an op shop for $4, got my dress from a wedding dress place for $200 (was classed as previous season style but I didn't care - it looked great!). My BIL is a photographer so he did our photo's and my dad & step-mum paid for them as our wedding present. Definitley use google, you can find heaps of stuff including video's on how to make your own bouquets. I did our invitations, for less than $50, and we made our own table decorations. Good luck! And enjoy the planning - I had a ball!!

My DD goes to FDC one day a week and LOVES it. She's never been in childcare though so I have no comparison... but her carer is fabulous. She does take the kids out, but the day that DD goes is the FDC play group day, so she takes them there. She's only once taken her anywhere else, and that was only because DD was the only one there that day. I love it though!

Hi all, Haven't updated here for ages! All is going well, had glucose test today - wasn't as bad as what I seemed to remember with DD. Although did struggle right at the end. Must have had a different one to some of you - mine was green and tasted like really sweet green cordial. Have felt totally off colour for the rest of the day though - did the grocery shopping after it and nearly passed out at the supermarket. Hoping thats not a sign of GD. Am also having leg cramps through the night - it's driving me nuts! Between that, DD coming into our bed through the night and hubby's snoring, I'm not getting a huge amount of sleep! Have washed all bubs clothes, and got some packed away in the suitcase, haven't packed my stuff yet as I'm wearing it still - so that will wait until much closer. Still have to wash all the bedding yet. Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the countdown!

I'm 34 and 27 weeks preg with my second, I was 32 when DD was born. My SIL is 37 and preg with her second, her DS is 20 months. You'll be fine, age is just a number and is not important at all!

My step-grandmother bought me an apricot coloured crochet coat hanger one year for Christmas - I was 16 I think! And my step-sister gave DD 2 bibs for her first Christmas - that was it, nothing else! I know that DD won't remember but it annoyed me... and still does!!

Yep only open weekdays, just got an answering machine when I rang before. So will phone monday morning. Thanks for your advice, funny isn't it, how rationally you know your not the only one going through it but it totally feels that way!

Thanks for the reply. I'm open to anything that is going to get me some sleep! I'd pull the next person to walk past in to help if they could... I am really struggling with this. Do you know if they will answer on a weekend?