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I'm currently going through the same thing with DD, and it's driving me nuts. Most days she refuses to have a day sleep - she just keeps bouncing out of bed wanting one thing or another. Getting her to bed at night used to be no problem, but the past few weeks, she's started doing the same thing - bouncing out of her room...doesn't seem to matter who puts her to bed, who reads her a book etc. We have a set routine, and have had for ages. I have tried everything that I can think of and nothing has worked. I just don't understand it, and am seriously about to go nuts with sleep deprivation (she's also up during the night wanting to sleep with us). Posted by: SRC18 You develop a good bedtime routine...bath, teeth, books then bed. Make the atmosphere really calm. When you have read the books tell him its time for bed, you love him and goodnight. Then leave the room. If he gets out of bed pick him up and and say bed time darling. Place him back on the bed and leave. If he gets up ag...

I am at my wits end with Tannah's sleeping, or lack of sleeping. It's almost impossible to get her to stay in bed. I've tried everything that I can think of (extra blankets, less blankets, teddies, no teddies, night lights, music, etc, etc) but I can count on one hand how many full nights sleep she has had this year. And now she's resisting her day sleeps as well. I'm like a zombie! So was thinking of contacting Tweddle - anyone dealt with them? Are they good? How long was your wait before going to see them? And most importantly, did it work??? Ta. ETA: She's almost 2 and 1/2, so should be sleeping well by now... [Edited on 15/08/2009]

My mum is the same! DD is 2yrs 4 mths, and had a few weeks of wanting to use the toilet, and did really well - only had a few accidents. but after that she went back to nappies, and has only showed minimal interest in the toilet in the past 6-8 weeks. Mum keeps saying I should be encouraging her to use the toilet more.... pfft, DD will do it again when she's ready... hopefully when it's a bit warmer! Do what I do - just say yes mum, yes I know I should be, yes I'll get onto that... then just do what works best for you anyway!

Posted by: Luke-n-Grace Luke will be 3 and a half in December (OMG ..I never thought he was ever going to be that old baby is growing up !! Lol lol lol ) do you recon he is going to be to old ??? he likes them now ...he is painfully shy so he would not move from my side so no worries about the stairs here !! loolol lol No he won't be too old - we went with a friend and her DD who was 3 and she hardly moved for the whole show... I'm sure he (and you!) will love it!!

We saw them in May, and the tickets were $22.50 each. DD was 2yrs 2mths at the time, and sat spellbound for about 20 minutes, then spent the next hour running up and down the stairs - damn expensive steps they were!! Great show though, she hasn't stopped talking about them since.

Thanks for the replies! Ran it past hubby and he actually likes it! It's the first girls name we've agreed on since getting pregnant - so it's a miracle! Thanks for the other ideas too - I really like Keely, but our surname ends in a y sound so wanted to stay away from first names ending with the same sound. Thanks again for the honest replies!

Oliver Maurice Sebastian Maurice Thats all I've got sorry!

What do you think of Kessa? Nice or not? Middle name will probably be Charlee (not sure on spelling of that yet though). Have a DD Tannah, and as much as I like Kessa, it could be too many 'ah' sounds? Tannah and Kessa? Have boys name sorted for new bub but we are struggling to agree on girls names! Ta!

My parents still buy tatts every week, have done ever since I can remember... never won anything big though. We were buying them each week but can't fit it in the budget these days. Will get a couple for the big draws though.

Hi all, Scan went well today - although took ages as bubs didn't want to co-operate, not that I minded cos I got to see it for longer! Didn't find out what it is, as he/she wasn't co-operating... the guy gave us an idea but no committment to it... was a bit disappointed at first but now I think we'll wait to find out! Will just have to get lots of unisex stuff just in case... Bubs is measuring spot-on for dates, and everything looked really good - 10 fingers, 10 toes etc... so really happy!! Roxy, glad yours went well - hope you and Callum have a great holiday! Good luck to anyone else having scans this week too!