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Fettucine carbonara for us tonight.

Tannah is 2 & 3 months, and I'd really like to get rid of the dummy, but don't feel up to dealing with the drama that I know is going to go along with it! She does the same thing too, chews it so much there is no air left in it, but would still prefer to have a flat dummy than no dummy at all. Would like to have it gone before next baby comes, but will play it by ear I think - might have to do the give it to Santa thing as well. ETA she only has it for sleeping. [Edited on 19/06/2009]

Posted by: Callums_Mummy Blondelizzard, I have a feeling you are having another girl - just my feeling...... You too Roxy?? Well if bubs co-operates we'll find out on Monday - 6 more sleeps!! Hubby's worried that if it's not a boy, I'll want to go back and have another one later down the track! I definitely don't - 2 will be enough for me! Plus he's got 2 boys from his first marriage, so 4 between us is more than enough!! I'll be 18w+5 on day of the scan, but thats what my ob wanted - he wants results by Wednesday next week.

Hi all, Tonee, congratulations! Thats fabulous news... sending you heaps of sticky baby dust! All seems to be well with me, am thinking that the morning sickness is finally over... it better be, was driving me insane! Have the big scan next Monday - seriously can't wait! Looking forward to seeing how big bub is now, and that everything is ok... and whether to get pink or blue stuff! I'm still thinking it's a boy but everyone else except for hubby and my mum think it's another girl. I really don't care this time, as long as it's healthy. Boobs are still sore too here, need to get some new mat bra's - I'm bigger this time round than I was with Tannah. Need them for sleeping. Hope everyone else is well, and those having scans this week enjoy it!

We paid for most of it ourselves - my mum and step-dad gave us $1000 to use how we wanted (went towards our honeymoon), dad and my step-mum paid for the photographer (who is my step-brother!) and hubby's dad and step-mum put money on the bar at the reception. Everything else we paid for. We had a fairly simple wedding, outside on a riverbank (free), cocktail reception (cheaper than sit down meal), my dress cost $200 (on sale from the wedding dress shop), my SIL did my make-up and suits for the boys were hired. Only things we splurged on were wedding rings and bouquet. We spent less than $5000 and had an absolute ball!! Would do it all again in a heartbeat!!

Posted by: Kel_Will (which is not good when you combine coughing and a weakened bladder lol) OMG you could be me!! I had a cold 10 days ago, and have been left with a cough that won't stop! I'm so over it - hubby went to chemist to check if I could have cough medicine, as I'm coughing through the night as well and not sleeping very much, but it's not doing anything. Might have to go to the doctor this week and get something else. Bubs seems to be coming along well, starting to feel little movements, especially at night when I first get into bed. Have another ob appointment on Tuesday, then 18-19 week scan on 22 June - only 2 weeks to wait! Can't get here quick enough for me! Hopefully will find out whether it's a pink or blue bundle - I'm still thinking it's a boy. I can't remember - when do we have to have that horrid diabetes drink? Am so not looking forward to that - it tasted horrible!

Tannah will eat carrot and zucchini, but only when grated up into meals (bolognaise sauce, homemade sausage rolls etc) and will eat potato when it's in chips, but will not eat vegies when they are sitting on her plate (maybe one or two mouthfulls but thats it). It's a battle to get her to eat much on the nights when we have meat and veg! I've tried everything I can think of to get her to eat them - even mashed them up with some mashed potato and cooked it in the fry pan in like a vegie cake type thing - and she still wouldn't eat it! They keep getting dished up to her though - figure she's got to start eating them at some point!! ETA that she's now 2, she loved veg when she was younger but now that it's not pureed, she won't have anything to do with them! [Edited on 07/06/2009]

What is nymbler? I've never heard of it. I like some of it's suggestions though!

DD is Tannah Grace. We're still discussing names for new bubs but at this stage for a girl, Addison and a boy, Deegan.

Posted by: pollytoot Ryder I think is the name, or something similar... Yep it started with an R. Can't go check cos hubby has the car (I haven't taken it out of the box yet - that might be a job for when he gets home!)