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Brooke, I love, love, love Brielle! It's so pretty. Not sure how it would work though as our surname starts with an L, might be too much? We love Tannah too, it really suits her! Callums mummy, it's damn hard to pick names this time round! Hubby doesn't make it easy either - he doesn't like most of the names I throw at him. Think middle names have been decided though - in honour of hubby's grandfather, who pretty much raised him as a kid, will be Charles for a boy or Charlie for a girl. It's just the first names we struggle with! Hows your name search going?

Target have some on sale this week - can't remember what brand though. I bought one for our car that sits on the seat next to the car seat - hoping it will stop some of the whinging that goes on when I can't reach what she wants!

There's some great names there - thanks! Aunty Anna - funny you put Bendigo as a name - we live near to there! Never heard of it as a name before though? Love my 3 monkeys - I love your DD's name, Reagan. Tried it on DH last night, but he doesn't like it. Shame. I love Kallan from your boys list, I was looking at that in a baby name book last night! Thanks again - keep them coming!

Ok all you name guru's - give me some names!! Having second baby in November, already have a DD named Tannah Grace. Don't know what we're having yet,I think it's a boy but who knows? Am having a total mind blank on names - with DD she was named by the time I was 6 months pregnant! So suggest away! Something not too popular, but not too way out there different iykwim (no Starshine Moonburst Tea Leaf please!). And for various reasons, nothing that starts with A, E, L, M, S or T, or ends with a 'ee' sound (like Marley - as much as I love that name, our surname ends in the same sound and it sounds a bit funny). TIA!

Hi all, Had a scare with bubs last week - started bleeding and having cramps... eventually got into see the ob, he did a scan and found the heart beating away strongly... he thinks I have an inflammed uterus, which caused the bleeding and cramps. I have to take it easy for a few weeks. Went back again today, and baby is still going well, haven't had anymore bleeding (thank goodness) but still having light cramping. But at this stage all seems well. So after all that, we didn't end up getting the NT scan done, so have to wait until 19 weeks to see the little peanut again! Booked in for it today, will be counting down the days until the 22nd of June!! Have started talking names now, think we've almost decided on boys names, but still up in the air about girls names. I think it's a boy anyway! And I think (fingers crossed) that my MS has almost finished!! Although every time I think that, it comes back hard... but hopefully, it's done!! Liz. [Edited on 12/05/2009]

Aarrggghhh why can't I get this damn ticker to work!!!! Never mind - got it!!1 [Edited on 09/04/2009]

Here's my 2cents worth!! For a girl, Grace (although I'm a bit biased as it's my DD's middle name)... Goes with Callum nicely though! I do like Eden too though... Boy, definitely Eli - also matches with Callum I think!!

Thanks trinasheree for the tip on blackmores morning sickness tablets - I got some today so am really hoping they work... I'm SO sick of feeling sick all day! Apart from the morning sickness, things are good. Starting to get a small bump already, especially at the end of the day. We've told most of the family, and close friends - only cos my husband has a big mouth and couldn't help himself! Roxy, no leaking from boobs here, although I didn't leak when I was pregnant with Tannah until the last week or so... Have you worked out what it is? Happy Easter to everyone!

Hi all! Wow it's big group we've got now! Well the MS hit hard here for a couple of weeks, but so far this week have been feeling pretty good! Fingers crossed it stays away for good. Got a scan tomorrow afternoon, just to confirm dates and make sure everything is where it should be! Am excited, and nervous at the same time. Hope everyone is feeling ok! Liz. Oh and I'm in Victoria! [Edited on 26/03/2009]

Hi ladies! I'm Liz, am married to Anthony and am pg with baby number 2 - have a DD named Tannah who turns 2 next week! I'm so excited to be pregnant again! Haven't seen the doc yet as can't get in until Thurs next week, but I've worked out I should be due around 17th November. Feels very different to Tannah's pregnancy - her's was so easy, no morning sickness, cramps or anything, but this time I have cramping, almost all day nausea and I can't stop burping!! Maybe it's a boy?? I am a bit worried about the cramping though - is it normal to have cramps? [Edited on 13/03/2009]