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Thanks ladies for the congrats! It all still feels a bit surreal - keep having to remind myself that I am! Hubby and I have decided not to tell anyone yet, so you girls are the only ones that know! Hubby and I went to a movie this arvo - saw Gran Torino. Was pretty good! I liked it. But your afternoon sounds much better Boy-Central! Fingers crossed for heaps more BFP's this month!!

Morning girls Well I caved in again this morning, and tested - and got a BFP! Very faint but it's there! Even my half blind (and half asleep lol) hubby saw it!! Will test again in a couple of days just to be sure before making doc's appt. For the age thing, I'm 34 and hubby is 40. And it's our first wedding anniversary next weekend, the 15th! Best of luck for heaps more BFP's soon!!!

Hi all, Nothing to report from here really - except that I was kidding myself thinking I'd last 2 weeks before testing again - lasted about 2 days!! Was BFN though. So hard cos I've no idea where in my cycle I am. Still having small cramps in abdomen, peeing a lot and am very moody - which could be either AF or pg!! We had the fence bloke here today, making a start on replacing the fence that was burnt during the fires. So by tomorrow night we should have a brand spanking new fence!! Can't wait! Then when the rest of the insurance money comes in I can go shopping for the rest of the stuff we lost - swing set and slide for Tannah, and some plants... then we'll have a backyard again!!

Posted by: Sonja*Madi Liz, you sound just like me! I think I've manhandled my own boobs so often to check if they're sore that I've made them sore. I smell things and feel ill and then think later 'of course that's not MS, anyone would have felt ill at rotten milk' or whatever the offending item may be! Scary what we can talk ourselves into, hey!? I know! Our minds are very powerful things. For me I'm honestly not fussed on a boy or girl. I've got 2 step-sons (ones 14, the other 8) and I'd probably lean towards another girl, but wouldn't be worried if it was a boy. My hubby though is worried that if the next one is a girl, that I'd want to keep going till we have a boy! It was hard enough to get him to agree to one more, he'll never agree to another after that, so I'll have to be happy with what we get!! And yay for me, I worked out the quote thing! There is a reason I'm known as blonde lizzard!! hehehe

Oops sorry - that first paragraph should be quoted from a previous post - obviously I don't know how to quote properly!!

I still have an annoying achy lower back and a few twinges in my stomach from time to time. I am a little more tired than usual and also needing to get up (very annoying if I'm not actually pregnant!) at 3-4am to pee!!! This is me all over!! with every little twinge or cramp I'm thinking oohh maybe thats a pg sign! Maybe I should find a hobby or This TTC thing is hard though - with DD we weren't really trying, she just happened lol! This time around I can't think of anything else!! Still holding off on testing though - going to try to make it another 2 weeks, but probably won't make it that far! Good news is my SIL is pg again, so hopefully we'll be able to go through it together!!

Hi all, I'm coming over from the Feb thread as well! I'm Liz, mum to DD Tannah who turns 2 in 3 weeks. Have finally convinced hubby to go for another! Had the implanon taken out about 4 weeks ago, and have had what I think was a small AF since then, so I've got no idea where in my cycle I am! We are just BD every 2 days and see how we go. Have already used 2 of the 3 pg tests I bought 3 weeks ago, despite promising myself I wouldn't. So now am not testing again for another 2 weeks - hopefully! lol Best of luck and heaps of baby dust to everyone!

Hi all, Congrats to you Rachel! Hope you are doing ok. Has anyone here had the implanon removed? How long does it take for your arm to stop hurting?? Had mine taken out on Monday and am so hoping for a quick BFP - it's the only thing I can think about!! It's taken about 6 months to convince my hubby to have another one, so now I just want it to happen straight away!! Another question, the pain you have when you OV, is that just like a dull pain near your hip bone? I've never taken any notice before! Going on my last cycle, I should be due to OV in the next week, but not sure whether having the implant taken out will throw everything off! Baby dust to everyone!!!

Posted by: MissMuppet Teyla is a collection of letters. It is not a name with any history or culture behind it. It is not a legitimate name. Aren't all names just a collection of letters?? No names have history or culture behind them when they are first created!!

Does anybody know of any birthing centres in Bendigo? I know that both hospitals having birthing rooms, but is there an independant midwife-run birthing centre? And I know this is in the wrong section, sorry bout that, but wasn't sure where it fitted best! TIA