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Oops sorry - double post. [Edited on 27/01/2009]

Hi, can I join too?? I'm Liz, I've just turned 34 (arghhh!), married and have a DD who's 22 months. I've just managed to convince hubby that another baby would be great! He's got 2 boys from an earlier relationship so another baby would be number 4 for him. AF is just finishing and I'm off to the doctor in a few days to get the implant taken out, so I think Feb will be too soon for me to fall, but you never know - our DD wasn't planned, she was conceived during a break from the pill that was only supposed to last until our next payday! Am definitely hoping to get BFP in Feb though, don't want to be too preg through heat of summer like last time. Best of luck to everyone!!

My DD's name is Tannah. We found it in a baby name book, but was spelt Tana, which we didn't like, so played around with spelling until we came up with Tannah. We've always had positive responses when people ask her name. Downside is she gets called Tanya or Hannah when people dont listen to her name properly, but they are quickly put right!! I guess she will have to spell it when she's older, but I have to spell my name for people too, which is a fairly common name with standard spelling!! We love her name though, have right from when we decided on it, and it really suits her!

If you had a baby tomorrow and it was solely your decision to name your baby what would you call them? (girl and boy name) Emerson for a girl, Rylan for a boy. How far do you live from the place of your birth? About 2 hours. If you could be with any famous person (no questions asked from hubby) who would it be? Tom Williams (from Great Outdoors) Would you prefer to be a famous actor, singer, model, dancer, TV presenter? singer What is your hair and eye color? Blue eyes, blond/brown hair. Your favourite flower? Lillies Your favourite color? Pink Have you ever kissed a girl? Yep

Hi all! Haven't had a chance to get back here after my first post! Glad to see it's still going strong! Not much happening here, Tannah has got a bad cold, so she's been very clingy and isn't happy if she isn't sitting on my knee. So there hasn't been much done around here for a few days! Well, thats my excuse anyway!! lol... She seems to be coming good now, so I guess I'll have to get back into housewife mode Hope everyones having a good day!

Hi! I'm a watcher too! I'm Liz, SAHM to almost 15 month old DD, Tannah. Have a DH, we got married in March. We live in central Victoria. Great thread!!

Hi everyone, Tannah had her first laugh last night! Was so cute, i was so excited. Tried this morning to get her to do it again, but no luck. She's now 3 months old, time goes so quick! She sleeps through the night most nights, but only cat naps through the day - sometimes for half an hour, other times only 10 minutes then she's wide awake. Went to a mothers group last week, but don't think it's for me, am going to take Tannah to a play group instead, as she was so interested in the kids playing and dancing in the next room! hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying their bubba's.

more for my list - agree with a light smack on the bum, have no problem with tattoo's or piercings (DH has both!), I watch far too much tv, agree with recycled water but think that governments should have done something about the water situation years ago, there should be more rebates for people installing water tanks or solar heating systems, i'm a dog person, not a cat person and i drive a 4WD!

ok here's mine... Tannah won't be christened, or have a naming day, and she can get her ears pierced when she's old enough to ask for it - not before 5 though. I have the occasional drink - usually jim beam as it's what hubby has in the fridge. I'm a smoker - never in the house or car though. Disposables all the way. Breast fed for 6 weeks (with top-up bottles) then full bottle fed. She has a dummy when she goes to sleep. Didn't agree with CC but am thinking of giving it a go. We've only just got a pumpkin patch store here and haven't been in there yet, but am quite happy with clothes from target or big w. definitely immunisation. Hubby and I have only been together 2 years but will be together for ever - total adoration. I feel sorry for the McCanns - no-one deserves to have their child stolen away from them, but do feel they should not have left their kids alone. Don't like my MIL - luckily DH doesn't really either!

I bought some stuff online from a bulk warehouse and saved a bit, and am about to put in a vegie garden so we'll save money on vegies. I'm a SAHM mum, and am going to resign from my job in a few months, am thinking of working from home until Tannah is in school. Dom definitely start a mature mum thread, i'm 32 and feel heaps older than some of the other girls on here! Your right about it being like a mothers group, I went to my first one yesterday, and not sure that i'll go back, didn't really enjoy it. Well girls, I'm off to snuggle in bed with my hubby!! Hope to talk to you tomorrow.