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She's good, having the occasional bad day with teething drama's, their not coming through yet but must be moving around. How's your little boy? Did you get PM i sent you?

Hi girls, Hope you don't mind if I jump in! I'm Liz, have a 12 week old daughter named Tannah. Have enjoyed reading all your posts!

***Kate_Jazmyn_Zachary*** ** [Edited on 11/09/2007]

Hi Mel, How are things? Hope your house hunting is going well. Are you looking to buy or rent? Happy to catch up with you when you get back to bendigo, I'm going to my first mothers group next week, not really sure what to expect. A couple of girls from my work have just had babies too, so we're going to have our own mothers group. My email is *** if you want to chat. Liz. [Edited on 11/09/2007]

My brother got married on a Monday instead of a Saturday, and the venue was almost half the price. And when my SIL got married, they had disposable camera's on all the tables for people to take photo's with, some of them turned out really great. She had a photographer there as well though. They did the invitations themselves on their computer, so saved money there too, and she did her own flowers. She also got her bridesmaid to buy her own dress, but let her pick it out - just gave her the colour theme. And they used their own car for the wedding car, with a friend driving. Had the ceremony and reception at same place (a restaurant) - not sure if that saves money or not.

my list: 1; My MIL - tops the list every time. 2; the idiots over the road doing burnouts in their backyard right now - don't they know my daughter is sleeping! 3; the idiots over the road having bonfires every friday and saturday night with heaps of noisy people - hello, people trying to sleep! 4; whoever it is that rings from India or somewhere every week, trying to sell me something that i don't want. 5; when hubby gets home and dumps his phone, wallet, keys, jacket,etc wherever he is standing then later asks me where his phone or wallet or keys are! 6; Telstra charging $50 to reconnect the phone when you move, then another $50 to reconnect the internet, when all they have to do is flick a switch. 7; My step-sons not flushing the toilet after doing a wee, cos they are saving water, but leaving EVERY light in the house on. 8; My daughters pram setting off the security alarm whenever we walk INTO a shop - very embarassing and annoying and I don't know why it does it. I'm sure the...

Hi! My name is Liz, and I'm new to this forum too. I'm 32 and a first time mum to Tannah Grace, who's 11 weeks old. We live in Vic with my hubby Anthony, who has 2 boys from an earlier r'ship - they are 12 and 7. Am loving this site, it's great to know that you can get on here and ask heaps of questions (no matter how silly they are!) and there is always someone to help you out. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. [Edited on 11/09/2007]

Hi Mel, I'm Liz, i'm 32 and have a beautiful 10 week old daughter called Tannah. I'm not working at the moment - on maternity leave - but am thinking of resigning anyway. I'm a first time mum, learning as i go, and my hubby has 2 boys from earlier r'ship. Happy to chat anytime. [Edited on 11/09/2007]

Hi Amanda, I'm Liz, have a 10 week old daughter named Tanna. I'm a first time mum, although have 2 step-sons (12 and 7). I'm 32, my hubby works long hours too, so chatting to other people, even if only on computer, keeps me sane! Hope to chat to you soon. [Edited on 11/09/2007]

my hubby does all the baths for our daughter, and they both love it! I dry and dress her afterwards. They are very cute together while she's having her bath, it's their bonding time together.