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bllb replied to topic When did your hair stop falling out?

My hair has only just stopped falling out and DS is 15 mths, with other 3 children it stopped well before 12mths. I was beginning to think I would need a hat or wig if it didnt stop.

Sunday 31 July 06:35am

bllb replied to topic Stuck on girls names - my shortlist seems to be getting longer! Help.

I like Lily Grace too, but that is because i have a Lillie Grace. Good luck

Monday 11 July 06:47am

bllb replied to topic For Mums of 3 children more could you please help :)

I have four children and there is 4.5 yrs between all 4, my oldest was 13mths old when number two arrived, then between number two and three I had a 17mths gap and between the last two there is a 2...

Sunday 03 July 05:48am

bllb replied to topic Due any day now and we can't decide

Hi I have 3 boys and a girl My oldest boy is Brodee Harrison and my next boy is Levi Alexander. I was like you and a little unsure about Levi, but I love it now, Levi is cute a little cheeky and ve...

Thursday 16 June 08:25am

bllb replied to topic Teaching respect for others and things

When reading your post I thought I was reading about my four yr old, she does all of the same things. I have been told it is what 4 yr olds do, she is a girl, second child syndrome. I just pray she...

Sunday 17 April 03:36am

bllb replied to topic Whats the age of your children???????

Brodee 4 Lillie 3 Levi 2 Bejay 5 mths

Monday 20 September 11:35pm

bllb replied to topic Baby boy names

I like Jack I have three boys Brodee Harrison, Levi Alexander and Bejay Oliver and a girl Lllie Grace. All three boys are placid and very easy going unlike their sister congrats on your arrival to be

Friday 10 September 01:48am

bllb replied to topic newcastle people

Hi we moved to newcastle 12mths ago and love it here moved from small country town. Its like living in small town with advantages of city, people are really friendly. Hope this helps if you want to...

Friday 03 September 05:18am

bllb replied to topic Formula babies sleep better?

I have 4 kids have breast feed 2 and bottle feed 2 due to medical reasons, my bottle feed 2 have been more placid have slept much better. There milestones have been no different to my breast feed 2...

Thursday 02 September 02:02am

bllb replied to topic soooo much info to share & receive , no forum section :O( , pregnant with numbr 6

Its lovely to here of all these large familys and how happy you are, I have 4 kids 3 boys and a girl. A 4yr old, 3yr old, 2 yr old and a 4 mth old, I find alot of people are very negative and judge...

Thursday 02 September 01:52am

bllb replied to topic Thinking of buying Ford Territory

We have a ford territory and love it we have 4 kids all in car seats and they fit easy,is not 2 bad on petrol.

Sunday 22 August 09:55pm
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