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Thanks for that. I have just booked 3 nights at the Southside Caravan Park and will definately visit the rockpools and play centre. And will look at doing a daytrip to Great Kepple Island, or even just visit Yeppoon. Thanks again for your help.

Hi everyone. I'm back. Had a good trip to the Gold Coast. Was great to catch up with family etc, but was also a bit stressfull. For one, it is daylight soooo early down there. Emma would wake a couple of times a night, then wake at 4.30am and it was light! I put her in bed with me and would get another hour sleep at the most, but we were up by 5.30am everyday. I am still exhausted! Went to seaworld which was great. Had 4 plane trips, which got a little hard at times with fidgety kids. I could give Dylan books or pencils etc, cause Emma wanted them, so it was hard to keep him entertained. But we survived. Dylan's birthday party on sunday which I am looking forward to. I am making a nemo cake, so hopefully it turns out ok. Ms Dee- has daycare tried to give Sebastian a bottle and he still doesn't take it? I am due back to work on 16th Dec and Emma is yet to successfully take formula or EBM (Expressed Breast Milk for whoever asked.) So I am a bit worried about that. She drinks plenty...

We are going to see family in Bundy at the end of the month and then would like to stay somewhere for a few nights afterwards. Anywhere around Bundy or Rockhamption (we are driving from Mt Isa) Anyone got any suggestions? We will probably take our camper trailer, so somewhere to camp or caravan park. And suggestions of things to do in the area good for kids. I have a 3yr old DS and 10 month old DD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

For me it would depend on how long it is likely to take to sell the house. I would talk to the real estate and get it all organised so as soon as all the work is finished you can put it up for sale. And also see what that say regarding the market in your area and selling it empty. Sometimes it is harder to sell a house empty cause people can't picture what it will look like with furniture etc or it may look smaller without furniture, stuff like that.

Jess- hope it goes OK with your DH away. How long will you see him for each month? Like will he do 3 weeks on 1 off or just whatever they need him for? RE food.... Emma prefers to feed herself and doesn't eat too much off the spoon. Doesn't get too much down, most on the floor, but if I sit with her I can pick up little pieces and put it in her mouth and she eats more that way. I give her dinner about 5ish then we have dinner at 6 cause I still need to help Dylan with dinner, so is near impossible to feed us all at the same time. But, Emma will have a little bit of our dinner too, so she really gets dinner twice. HTH Whoever I don't have as a friend on facebook, pm me your full name and I'll look you up. Christmas party tonight. I just spent an hour getting Dylan to have a sleep seeing as he has been up since 6am and will have a late night tonight. ooooh, wish me luck getting a photo of Emma with Santa!

Deb- hope you have a good night tonight. My doctor said it's the 4th night you have to be strong on, 3 great nights then a bad 4th night just to test you. Emma still wakes a couple of times a night. I haven't really bothered trying to get her out of it at the moment, cause I know after we go away we are going to be back to square one anyway. BUT, I hope she gets over it soon! I haven't had AF yet either. Infact, since I got married in March 06, I have only had AF twice! Ange- hope you have a great night out tonight. hen we go to the Gold Coast next week we are going to Draculas one night and the kids will stay at the hotel with mum, MIL and my Aunty. It will only be the 2nd time I have not put Emma to bed myself and the last time was DH. So I'm kinda a bit worried! But hope I can get over it and have a good night. Things with DH have been good. We've been really busy lately so that makes a difference. He went camping last week for a few days, just close by, so I went out ther...

I don't think it is rude for her to ask the mother to take the child outside, but perhaps the way she said it was rude. If I was the mother and my baby was squealing and the phone rang I would take him outside as I know when I am on the phone at home and Emma squeals I can't hear a thing!

Yesterday afternoon a little 7 yr old boy died in my town. His mum was reversing out the driveway and hit him causing servere head injuries. This was witnessed by the boys sibblings. The mother spent the night in hospital being treated for shock. This is such a terrible tragedy. That poor family. I pray they are able to pull through this together. I could not think of anything worse. Just another reminder to cherish every moment as anything can happen in a split second. RIP little one. xxx

Kitty- did you go and have your blood tests??

HI~ Sorry I have been slack again. We've got a busy few months ahead. In less than 2 weeks the kids and I are flying down to the Gold Coast for 5 nights. We are staying in a hotel at Surfers Paradise with my mum, sister, aunty, MIL, and a few cousins. Big girls weekend (plus my kids). I'm very excited. Then the weekend after that we are having an early birthday party for Dylan. The next weekend we are off to Bundaberg for a week or so for BIL's 30th birthday. Then hopefully the week after we get back the kids will start daycare, (if they get a spot somewhere) cause I'm due back to work. Then it's christmas. Then Emma's first birthday. OMG, time flies! I'm still worried about leaving the kids though. I've got them on lots of waiting lists, so have to wait and see what we get. But I think Dylan would be better at a daycare centre and I think Emma would be better in family daycare. Either way I am going to be worried about one of them. And not sure what I am going to do with Emma mil...