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Hi everyone, My name's elizabeth, I'm 19yrs old, got married in March to my almost 21yr old husband. We started dating Dec 2005, found out in Jan 2006 I was pregnant(unplanned). We are now expecting #2 on 2nd Dec this year(again unplanned), but we're both glad that we're having our kids young, we also get those looks from the old skool people who believe in marriage and a long courtship first but some realise times are changing. talk again soon elizabeth cadence 7mths & 12wks into 2nd pregnancy

Hi kylee & everyone, Yea my parents are great and my Hubbies parents are alright, I can't complain too much cos they take care of cadence whenever we need a break or are sick. I'm only a young mum at 19yrs (20 at the end of the year) but i'm coping with my 7mth old reasonably well i think. I grew up looking after kids so it's like a second nature to me. If anyone ever wants to chat or catch up send me a post and i'll get back to u. Talk soon, Elizabeth Mum of Cadence 7mths wit #2 on da way

Hi Kelly, I'm due on December 2nd so I'm about 11wks pregnant, I have a long way to go yet. Also Happy Mother's Day to all Mackay mums and any other mums who read this page, I hope you had a great day (even though the weather isn't so great). Can't wait to catch up with you all sometime it would be great to put faces to names. Talk again soon, Elizabeth

Hi Every1 my name's Elizabeth & i'm from South Mky and wanted to chat to any young or older mky mums to see how they handle living here & raising their family. E.Leonard Mum of Cadence 7mths, plus 1 onda way

Hi my name is Elizabeth, I want to know if any1 else feels like when they walk into a mothers room in a shopping centre that no matter which way they go to feed their baby they r looked at by other mothers as though they're doing the wrong thing. I know that when used to go into the mothers room to feed my dd her bottle and there were other mothers in there b/f I used to feel as though they were looking at me & saying to themselves "oh my god i can't believe she's bottle feeding her baby". Then you would get the bottle feeders doing the same thing to the b/f if they were older than ur child saying " oh my god i can't belive they're still b/f" Y can't mothers just accept that not every1 can b/f, & if ur a bottle feeder that if sum1 wants to b/f their child til there 2 think of this way ur nipples aren't the ones that are going to be bitten! lol just to let evry1 know i am not against b/f i admire the people wo can do it for the long term cos my sis did it wit her eldest kid &...

hi mum Didi, if u want to try another type of formula, try lactogen it's about $13 from da supamarket, but ur kid could also be teething cos i found that while my dd has been teethin she wakes up from only having a short sleeps, she also wants more bottles.

Hi Evry1, My buba wen she was little she would spew up S-26 Gold formula so i was told by my aunt who had the same trouble wit her kids to put her on Lactogen. It really helped her, she doesn't spew it up, plus its only about $13 from the supermarket. I would suggest that if you want to try the lactose free S-26 buy the sachets first because my buba still spewed that up as well. I hope that this has helped sum1 E.Leonard Mum of Cadence 7mths plus 1 on da way.

Hi Everyone, I know exactly wat ur talkin about cos i was living wit a mate of mine & our kids r 8wks apart and she was jelous whenever i told her that my daughter was doing something that her daughter wasn't doing yet, my daughter started trying to crawl first,so she was always trying to find something that her daughter was doin that my daughter wasn't. I think the reason for other mothers being competitive is because they don't want to feel as though their child isn't as good as the other child. So they might even make things up just to make themselves feel better. i hope that this helps. E.Leonard Mum of 7mth old Cadence & soon to be Mum again

Hi everybody, my daughter is now 7mths old and has been holding her bottle for a few months now. How i trained her to hold her own bottle was to lye her down in her rocker and prop the bottle up with either towels or a pillow and i would place her hands on the bottle so she would know that if she tried she could hold her own bottle(Advent brand), by about 6mths she was holding her own bottle.