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hey everyone, this is really awesome to be talking to people who are around my age who are going through the same things that i am. is everyone able to feel their baby moving yet? i can and i've always felt thatits the best thing to help me to realise that i really am pregnent. so what are you all hoping for boy or girl? i always wanted to have a boy first but knew i'd have a girl cos my sisters both had girls first, now i'm going to be having a boy (well that is wat they said at the scan yesterday.

it's ok got it to work

hi emma69 I'm sure that you & your partner will be happy no matter what and i would suggest not finding out for your first cos it makes the experience so much more special. there are so many of us young mums & preg mums out there its like somethin is in the water, cos everywhere you look up here when you go out all you see is either people wit babies or pregnant people. oh & 1 quick question how did you get your ticker to work? [Edited on 12/07/2007]

you should be able to buy maternity pads from woolies and Big W or any other major local supermarkets

hey everyone lizzie here, i am from Mackay Qld and was so excited to go for my 18-20wk scan today and they said that i'm having a boy. my DH is over the moon he hasn't stopped going on about it since we found out. the reason i found out this time is because wit cadence(#1 now 9mths) i didn't find out what i was going to be having & decided that this time i could not wait that long to find out. i'm still going to be cautious about what i buy because as everyone always says you can never be 100% sure that that is wat your having. i hope everyone else's scans go welland here is my email if you wanna chat. [email protected] and also its so freaky that we're all due round the same time we'll have to keep in contact so we can see who has their child first(plus all the other info) anywho can't wait to chat to ya'll again bye 4 now

hi alex88 my name's lizzie & i am 19 & preg wit #2. i had #1 on the 28/09/06 & it was the best labour & birth you could ever ask for. i am due to have #2 on the 2nd of dec so i wonder who will go first you or me?lol... so if there is anything you wanna chat about pm me or ill give you my email address & we can chat. it would be good to talk to sum1 who is my age who is going through wat i'm going through.

Although i haven't read all of the other posts it seems as though no one has a prob wit their kids showering/bathing wit their dad. i totally don't care if my dd showers wit my dd as i know that he is only trying to help me out. the only prob that i have ever had is my dd showering wit my FIL the only reason i had a prob wit this is cos i found out from sum1 else other than FIL & MIL that it happened. i have not known my FIL & MIL for very long and i am very protective of my dd so to have them not ask if its ok if my dd showered wit FIL i found that as if they wanted to hide the fact that it had happened.

nic, the website you need is they have all the info you need.

my dd when i gave her a certain type of formula would vomit it back up each time i gave it to her so i switched her to Lactogen and she has been great ever since she is now 9mths old and growing strong so just let your sister know that if she tries different types of lactose free formulas she mightfind one that works for them.

yea i'm thinking about it but im preg wit #2 at the moment so id have to wait till next year till i decide wether or not i will. but i kinda need to find out how to go about doing it cos i live in a smallish city and i'd love to stay local for a while... does anyone know if you need a cert. or degree in business to start a small business?