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That sounds like it would be great!!!! you should go on the website and find out how much it is. another idea is to send him on a tandem sky dive (if he's not afraid of heights)

In 5yrs time i want to renew my vows wit my partner so i can also have my other dream wedding... when i got married this year i got married in a church cos i always pictured being married in a church (plus my dad told me he wouldn't help pay if i didn't), but i also wanted to have a garden wedding, and his Grandma is a celebrant so we shouldn't have to pay for it. but yea, so did anyone else have ideas after their wedding about how they could have changed it or was your day perfect and you liked everything about it? and one more Q i know that i really enjoyed planning my wedding & i thought that i would love to help other people plan theirs. so my Q is did you enjoy planning your wedding and if yes would you consider being a wedding planner to help others plan their perfect day?

it didn't work so i went for something else. so annoyed cos they are so awesome it would've been great to have used the signiture i chose but i recommend the site to anyone who wants a new hotmail signiture (hopefully it works there).

trying one more time

i think so too going to try another one

here i go again

didn' work yet so i'm gonna keep tryin

hey everyone just trying my new signiture that i got from

When i gave birth to my DD my dad had to call my DH, mum, and my DP called his Parents to tell them that i was giving birth. by the time everyone got there in the room was my dad mum DH & MIL. i didn't want my FIL there cos he creeps me out. I was so glad that my dad was there cos i'm a daddy's gal and he helped me through, My DH got me through as well but i really love my dad and really want him there for my next one(due in Dec) but mum said that only me & DH should be there for this one.

i popped out by 2mths into pregnancy wit #1 & wit #2 on da way i fell like i popped out sooner but as i was telling everybody i probably still had a little bit of baby weight from dd