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with my first i had my first scan @ 13wks & my second @ 20+wks. but wit my second i only have to go for the 20wk scan cos i didn't have any major complications wit my first, and cos there is no history of medical problems (cerebal pausy, muscular distrophy, spina bifida) and i'm young (19) they said that it should be ok for me to just have the 20wk scan.

Hi guys, my name's Lizzie & I got married on the 17th March 2007. my wedding day was like this: It rained in the morning but fined up by the time of the wedding.everything before the wedding went to plan like my hair, make up photos etc...i was excited all day and didn't cry till i saw my mum halfway through the ceremony. but the reception was crap, don't get me wrong the food was great the decorations were great but my MIL is the biggest B***h you've ever met. one of my mates has a dd in a pram and my MIL sent her through to the back tables because the table plan was supposed to be family @ the front & friends towards the back but the table plan got thown out cos everyone was complaining about where they were sitting. my hubby & i ended up leaving by about 9:30 cos i was feeling sick & we had gotten all the formalities out of the way. we went on our honeymoon the next day & had a great week away. BUT I NEVER WANT TO HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!! (unless i hire a wedding planner s...

my dd & i are both sick atm i gave it to her we both have real bad coughs the doc gave me some stuff to take but cos dd is so young they couldn't give me anythin for her cough they told me to use dimetapp for her runny nose but if she started getting the green/yellow phlem to bring her in as she may need antibiotics. so i'd suggest going to the gp or ask a chemist they can help sometimes too.

my dd is teethinh atm & she is very clingy she is also sick so that doesn't help. but just try the different types of teething stuff out there to sooth the gums and it should take some of the clingyness away

well some people would think OMG you named your ditch but in saying that it reminded me that Ditch Davey played jonesy in blue heelers so i like the name ditch it's different

hi my dd started teething @ 3mths went to the chemist & was told of a teething tablet that you put on their tounge & it dissolves, i can't remember the brand name but they don't have any side affects &bub would settle down pretty much straight away. they are made from organic products too from wat i was told

My husbands name is liam and yes he is a little crazy but i really love the name liam, although there is no real nickname you can get from it, at least you can say their full name and it won't be a mouthful...(i love using my partner's full name when he's in trouble)

i had a S&W when i was preg wit #1 cos i was getting to the stage where i just wanted the baby to come. the dr said that they are seperating the membraine from the cervix to try and get contractions to start. well i started to contract but still didn't have bub till she was 5days over due, i also bled for a few days after [Edited on 01/07/2007]

when i was preg wit my dd within two weeks of conception i had sore breasts, tired alot, appitite increased so much that i bought a super variety bucket from KFC and i polished off half of it (normally i can only eat a little bit of it). wit #2 i was waiting for "it" to come & when i was a week late took a HPT and came up pos. straight away

hey everyone i was 5 days over & decided i didn't want to wait till my induction date so before i went to bed i did one of the things my midwife suggested which was worked i started contracting about half an hour later and had my daughter by 3.30am the next morning (i even got a little bit of sleep between contractions).