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hey everybody, i didn't get stitches either i had a slight graze (which still made it hard to go to the toilet). bub was 8lbs 9oz. due for #2 on 2nd Dec 2007 hoping not to tear this time.

hi everybody, i can't remember much about what i was like on my over due days but their were 5days of them. All i knew was that i wanted the baby out cos i wanted to meet her.(although i didn't know it was a her till she was born) I did some squats before i went to bed the night of the fourth day and got out of bed half an hour later cos of contractions the next morning at 3.30am i had my beautiful gal, 8lbs 9oz (vaginal birth). although a little painful got through on just a pethadine shot.

Kadence is nice, i named my daughter that but spelt it with a 'C'... but a few other names you could think about Kahyla(pron- kayla) Kacey/Kasey Kassidy Kaelyn Hope this helps.

hey mum2bubba i thought i'd let u know wat names i thought would get teased skylar - probably wont skylin - probably wont brylie - possibly will (pening on gender) chrishelle (kri-shell) - probably wont krisharni (kri-shahn-ee)- possibly will preshanti - possibly will breeony - probably wont briar - possibly will tilly - probably wont isis - not sure

Hey everyone, I love the names you picked out, especially Cadence (i called my daughter that). definetly consider what nicknames (good & bad) that you can come up with for each name (the only bad one for cadence we came up with was caddy as in a golf caddy) are cruel these days. I really hope that you can pick one that you and your partner like. chat soon, Elizabeth, mum of cadence 9mths & #2 on the way

hi there everyone, this is my second pregnancy & i am due on the second of dec but if my first pregnancy is anything to go by i'll be having this one at leat a couple of days late (my first was 5 days over due).

hey everyone, since my last post cadence hasn't wanted to stand on her own again...but she has been crawling around a heck of alot and trying to keep up with her is getting harder being pregnant & all. I really can't wait till she starts walking so that i don't have to carry her around anymore. anywho chat again later Elizabeth, Cadence (8 1/2mths), #2 on da way

hi guys, My mother & two older sisters were in a serious car accident the year before i was born. my mother was proceeding through a green light in a datsun with my sisters then aged approx 2 & 1, when a P plate driver in a F100 went through a red light and hit my mums car. my second eldest sister was unconcious as well as my mother, but my eldest sister wasn't. The A**hole who did this didn't go to jail, i believe he got a fine & community service or somethin. He has since had other accidents as well. my mother suffers from depression brain damage & the left side of her face is paralised, my eldest sister suffers from trauma, and my other sister suffers from both depression & brain damage. my second eldest sister will never know what life could've been like if she hadn't have been in the accident. But they have all moved on with their lives my mum had me & my brother after the accident and my sisters both have two kids of their. All i wish for is that one day the man who ...

Well guys i'm going off to bed... gotta get up early for bub (she still doesn't sleep through the night yet). anywho chat to ya'll again soon

Hi, if i was to drink anything right now it would be a hot choc wit marshmellows