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seriously... they still have sprinklers going! that's rediculous, that would turn your yard to muddy mush

with all the rain we've had up here lately we haven't needed to water our gardens ... so i suppose that's one good thing about rain, it's just the cold that it brings with it that's annoying

well, all i do know is that every so often on the news they show the water consumption for the region for the month. sorry I think it's acually somethin like so many kilalitres a month

i don't know if we still have them or not but they are trying to keep our water useage to 30% per day or somethin... i don't know exactly how it works

I walked down the isle to Pachabels cannon (an irish tune) and first dance was to you'll be in my heart (from tarzan)

I wish i could pack the rain & sell it on ebay to the farmers who need it more than we do our main dam is close to 100% full & there are heaps of places that need it that don't get it

well at least in summer it is easier to cool down, in winter i always seem to have to go for a really hot bath and make sure i take my clothes to the bathroom so i don't freeze. But we're hopefully going to have a fine day tomorrow... but the weathermen don't always get it right

yea, at the moment i'm in all fleece jumper, pants, socks, shoes...and i've decided to stay inside cos it's just too darn cold outside

hey everyone, i live in mackay north qld and we have only had about 2 wks of sunlight in the past 2mths. our show was on tue, wed, thurs and the weather was over cast+rain(night), over cast+rain (night) & rain day & night. Our town recorded the coldest day ever in 50yrs for june with the temp as low as 10 in the cbd. some areas didn't even reah that.(we're used to 22deg at this time of year but not this year).

Hi everyone, my name is Elizabeth and i am a 19yr old mother of 1 with no. 2 on the way. I got married this year and just moved out of a unit and into my parents place. My second bub is due on the 2nd of Dec, hoping for a quick labour again. Any who talk soon my bubba girl (8 1/2 mths) is crackin up so chat again soon