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Hey everyone wat about yogi bear, pink panther, hucklberry hound, the jetsons, all those hanna barbera cartoons... i absolutly loved those cartoons.

Hey anyonez angel, how could i have forgotten gumby i used to love that show, Agro's cartoon connection was great & saturday disney. I don't like the new shows they have on these days, they are so different to what i grew up with. Play School, Sesame Street, Johnson & friends, Mr Squiggle (i loved black board). I can't remember too many other shows cos i was 87 born but i remember some of the things everyone has been talkin bout.

Hey everyone, im an 87 gal and i remember some of that stuff...especially the hand clapping games, my sisters & i used to play them all the time. Did anyone watch Johnson & friends ( i think they were late 80's early 90's). My sisters used to watch Fat Cat, the wombles, and paddington bear.

ok I'm testing mine to see if it worked........ Yay it did [Edited on 14/06/2007]

Hey everyone, just thought i'd say hello and let you all know that Cadence stood up by herself today for about 10sec and it was the first time that she's ever done that (she is now almost 9mths old). and im gettin bigger by the day, i am approx 16wks pregnant wit #2. well i'll chat again soon, bye all

Hey everyone, My name's Elizabeth i'm 19yrs old(20 in Nov), have a 8mth old DD & expecting #2 on 2nd Dec. I have a DH who was a little upset about us having another 1 but we are now both really excited. it's really great to talk to young mums cos we understand where eachother is coming from better i think anyway. i also think that the term "young mum" applies to anyone who had their kids under the age of 30. I personally don't mind how old anyone is when they start having kids cos so long as you love your child and can look after them that's all that matters. Bye (sorry bout the long post) Elizabeth

Hey everyone, I would've come out to the harbour today but the weather wasn't looking so great and hasn't been looking so great for the past few weeks, I want the sun to come back out so i can do some washing, and i'm sick of wearing long pants to keep warm. Anywho i'll chat again later, Elizabeth

hey eceryone, my name's elizabeth & i'm from mackay and i am due on the 2nd dec 2007. this is no. 2 bub, i have a 7mth old (almost 8mths). and no. 1 was & no. 2 will be born at the base hospital mackay.

Hi everyone a chick i know is only 16 had the implanon in & fell pregnant, so it is possible. go to your gp and get the test done as the doctor may have to actually remove the implanon to find out if you are or not, this is what my mate had to do. hope this helps, elizabeth

hi everyone, how r u all? i can't meet up this week but if anyone wants to meet up next week sometime that would be great, i'd really like to meet you all... i am extremely flexible cos i don't work or do anything bar shopping, housework, & being mum. so anytime anywhere just let me know and i'll be there. talk again soon, elizabeth, cadence 7mths, #2 on da way