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janey started new topic teething and breast feeding!

my son rome is now 7 months old and he has 4 teeth, i need some suggestions on trying to teach him not to bite me when feeding. it hurts so much and i don't want to stop feeding but if it continues...

Saturday 21 October 02:35pm

janey started new topic how long?

hi just wondering how long you think you should allow your body after having baby no 1, before falling pregnant again? and after having a baby can your hormones affect a preg test, showing a faint...

Wednesday 17 May 02:47am

janey started new topic how long before you can fall pregnant...

how long before you should fall pregnant after having your first baby?? is there a certain amount of time that your body needs to recover?? we want to have our babys close, but not sure how long ...

Monday 15 May 04:15pm

janey started new topic 2 questions

hi i have two q's.. 1st... i have had to re book my morphology scan from this wed till next thurs when i will be 20.5 weeks is this ok, as my dr said to book it between 18-20 wks. early...

Tuesday 18 October 07:25am

janey started new topic foetal heartrate and gender

i was just wondering if a heartrate is one of the indicators of the gender of the baby? thanks

Tuesday 23 August 02:38pm

janey replied to topic Fish oil capsules.

hi jz i would ask your dr, maybe they might think of an alternative to ease your back pain xx

Saturday 23 July 05:28am

janey started new topic hairdressers??

is it true that getting foils or colours during pregnancy can harm your baby?? my regrowth is so bad at the moment, and im oin the first trimester, had some signs of miscarrage and wondering if i s...

Sunday 10 July 03:43pm

janey started new topic miscarriage, how long to wait to try again??

just wondering how long after a miscarriage you should wait before trying to have a baby again??

Saturday 09 July 02:37pm

janey started new topic hcg levels

is there a test that can be bought to test hcg levels at home, or can it only be done via a blood test?

Wednesday 06 July 06:15pm

janey started new topic iron supplements??

i am taking a folate and iron tablet in 1 n i just saw on the news update, that there is some debate as whether iron supplements are bad during pregnancy. any thoughts??

Wednesday 06 July 06:02pm

janey started new topic sore nipples!!!

i need help i have really sore nipples i'm still in first trimester, and wondering what i can do to help ease the pain, as when i get cold and 'high beam' they hurt heaps. any idea?? how long will ...

Monday 04 July 02:08pm

janey started new topic dinner???

i have a question! my partner just caught a fish, is it ok for me to eat it once cooked?? i have heard that seafood isn't good for you thru pregnancy, and i am new to this, so i wasn't sure. thanks xx

Monday 04 July 01:57pm

janey started new topic is this normal??

i have had for two days now a slight bown/pinkish discharge, is this normal in the first trimester? i have an aptmnt at drs on friday, any advice to see me thru? scared and worried, baby no 1.

Thursday 30 June 05:09pm

janey started new topic ????

i am just wondering if it is normal to have a light brownish/pinkish discharge in the first trimester? i am going to the drs on fri but can't help feeling worried and scared. any thoughts?? thanks

Thursday 30 June 07:39am
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