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L2012 started new topic pram help, please.

Hi all, OK so we have a city mini and i was wondering if anyone knows if you could use a city select seat with city mini or does it have different attachments? Only ask as looks like another one ...

Wednesday 16 October 11:04am

L2012 replied to topic Breech babies

Hi, im 37 weeks and when i was 32weeks my girl was stil trans then she went breech, but had another scan and check last week and she is turned around head down but not engaged... i did so much to t...

Thursday 02 May 01:48pm

L2012 started new topic Please Please help..

Hi all, I'm almost 36weeks pregnant with my second, she is still laying in a hard position, head is resting on my left side with her spine against my belly wrapping around to my right. With ...

Saturday 20 April 08:15am

L2012 replied to topic What do you mix baby cereal with?

Hi, It should tell you on the baby farex box what to mix in with it.. I used to mix in home made puree any fruit or veg with milk with my first. She soon got over the farex and i just gave her we...

Wednesday 20 March 12:48pm

L2012 replied to topic how can i help my baby turn...please help

Thanks for the info. I have 7 weeks to go, i have been getting massage's every week to see if that helps as doctor told me too, but nope not working as yet.... I'm going public. I had a v...

Monday 18 March 11:16am

L2012 started new topic how can i help my baby turn...please help

Hi all, This is going to be my 2nd birth, 6 yrs apart.... I am freaking out as baby is laying across and will not move, she is loving laying the way she is. I try and move her but she won't c...

Sunday 17 March 09:00pm

L2012 replied to topic Would you throw away borrowed baby clothes?

I agree two years is a long time to ask for them back, or for $$. I only lend to my sister, we share our baby clothes and give them back once the bub has out grown each size. I wouldn't give t...

Tuesday 19 February 11:58am

L2012 replied to topic Pregnancy Lie #100827627352

Hi, Have you also been doing your pelvic floor work as well and other things to help you lose the weight, like eating the right way and going for a walk every day or 2? With my first i BF and walk...

Tuesday 19 February 11:49am

L2012 replied to topic Feeling movement

8 weeks is way to early, your body is making a lot of changes tho, you could have gas.... With my first it wasn't til about 20wks that i started to feel anything with my sec one at the moment ...

Tuesday 19 February 11:38am

L2012 started new topic Thoughts on Hospitals, help??

Hi all, Pregnant with my second 25 weeks, currently booked into GCH to have bub, but we live closer to Logan and partner would like to go there. Had first at GCH in 2007 and didn't have the be...

Saturday 09 February 10:17am

L2012 replied to topic Just got my fine in the mail for not voting.

missy_83h wrote: my dad never votes, and every time gets that fine, but he doesn't vote on religious grounds so sends of his reason and quotes a scripture from the bible why. Never had to pay a fin...

Monday 21 January 09:01pm

L2012 started new topic Changing Hospitals..

Hi all, We have decided to change hospitals from Gold Coast to Logan due to we live closer to Logan, i had my first at Gold Coast and yes didn't have the best birth or midwife... and i have heard ...

Wednesday 16 January 05:35pm

L2012 replied to topic The school bonus?

I thought everyone got this payment, but i don't qualify, we don't even get the baby bonus... But the payment you should have by end of Jan, just go on to their site and check it out.

Sunday 13 January 10:22pm

L2012 started new topic Need some advice

Hi all, So I'm on antibiotics, due to a urine infection, plus taking inner health plus tablets to prevent getting thrush... I'm 20wks, never had one with my last pregnancy so a little concerned. ...

Wednesday 02 January 06:10pm

L2012 replied to topic What seat do i get??

Safe and Sound MAXI RIDERS. They hold from 6/ 12 months to 7 yrs.

Monday 31 December 09:36am

L2012 replied to topic Should I have my husband with me at the birth?

He doesn't have to look down or see your bits or watch the baby come out... he can stay up your end next to you and hold your hand and be supportive the way he should be... I really wouldn't worry...

Thursday 27 December 09:34pm

L2012 replied to topic How many of you had a strong feeling about the sex of your baby and were right??

I had a feeling with my first that i was having a girl and yes i was right. With this one had the same feeling and yes we found out Friday its a girl. I had bad morning sickness with this sec one a...

Sunday 23 December 10:11pm

L2012 replied to topic unmarried with kids

Good on you.. The way i see it, if you love someone and want to be with them it doesn't matter about a piece of paper saying your married.... Being together and having a happy family is all that c...

Saturday 01 December 05:27pm

L2012 started new topic Feeling baby move..

Hi all, This is my 2nd but they will be 6 yrs apart when bub 2 is here, so been awhile since i was this far along... I will be 15 weeks on Tuesday and already feeling movement, like little fingers...

Sunday 25 November 02:01pm

L2012 replied to topic How young is to young

Sorry but really do they think your newborn is going to be a pain at the wedding..? Take your newborn, a 4 to 6week old baby will be most likely sleeping thru it anyway. I wouldn't leave my newborn...

Friday 16 November 12:41pm
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