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tyronne replied to topic My three Year old boy

I wont be much help as my three year old son is having a few stages as well he wont listen to me or his father,wont wear clothes unless forced into them (wants to wear pjs all day),Wont go to bed s...

Sunday 02 November 09:38pm

tyronne replied to topic unsettled baby

my baby girl was born just on 37 weeks and she has been the same as your bub as well-i have just now at 5 months got some relief she has stopped screaming all day and night in severe pain and now h...

Sunday 02 November 09:29pm

tyronne started new topic baby girl is here

just letting everyone know after months of posting and reading i have finally had my c-section thrust upon early due to blood pressure and all went well much better then my first emergency experien...

Monday 26 May 07:59am

tyronne replied to topic TMI - Enemas

at my pre op appt noone said anything about a enema???Does everyone have one before a csect i get mine on the 27th?

Friday 16 May 03:48pm

tyronne replied to topic Rubella..?What do I do??

i had no rubella imunity at all when i was pregnant with my son all went well i limited my exposure outside the home a bit more then normal due to me not wanting to run into anyone with german meas...

Friday 16 May 03:43pm

tyronne replied to topic post your c-sect dates here!

our baby girl due for csect on the 27 may-if not before....her big brother is looking forward to her arrival..

Thursday 15 May 04:01pm

tyronne replied to topic When are planned C-sections done?

i was booked in this week for the 27th may after a lot of consultation.

Saturday 03 May 06:27pm

tyronne started new topic strep b test question

At what week should this be done? Also if you had it last time does that mean this time you have it too? thanks

Saturday 03 May 06:24pm

tyronne replied to topic I HAVE ZERO PATIENCE now pregnant, am I normal?

oh my god i thought it was just me i am 37 weeks-today i have lost it with my son he also 2.5 yr old and its not that he is being any different then usual just demanding i have no patience for anyo...

Saturday 03 May 06:18pm

tyronne replied to topic Hurry Up Baby!!!!

i have 25 days to go i dont have a name and i am feeling very unready may have something to do with chasing a 2.5year old around all day..

Saturday 03 May 06:08pm

tyronne replied to topic Breech Babies

dont know about everyone but i am booked in for the 39th week i too have been in breech position until 3 days ago when she turned and is now in a perfect position i am quietly hoping for a natural ...

Saturday 03 May 06:03pm

tyronne replied to topic blood pressure question

just an update strange as it sounds my bp is down too 130\83 and seems too be ok for now-i had +1 protein last week but yesterday all clear??? Next time i get a severe headache and high bp i will ...

Thursday 01 May 04:40pm

tyronne replied to topic Planned C-sections as a public patient?

i have just been booked in for an elective c section on the 27th may and believe me i fought for my rights.i had a horrific birth that ended in a c section with my first and was horrified to find o...

Tuesday 29 April 11:48am

tyronne replied to topic High BP = Early lobour ??

what was your blood pressure level for them to consider medication for it-having problems with bp too

Sunday 27 April 03:00pm

tyronne replied to topic catheter info needed

thankyou to everyone who shared their experience with me i am feeling much more at ease knowing i can at least ask for it after i am numb and if the emergency c section happens i know just to let i...

Sunday 27 April 02:48pm

tyronne started new topic blood pressure question

what do they class as high enough to go to hospital i have been getting bad headaches for days at my last check i was 130\82 but at night when i check it it was 155\99 should i be concerned they re...

Saturday 26 April 09:05am

tyronne replied to topic breech but want to labour?

thanks for that advice i will give it a go.

Friday 25 April 08:08am

tyronne started new topic catheter info needed

i had an emergency c section with no1 now i have been booked in for a c section for this baby and i am terrified of the catheter last time it hurt so much going in i needed gas more then for the la...

Friday 25 April 07:55am

tyronne started new topic breech but want to labour?

i am 35 weeks and my baby is in breech position my question is has anybody had a breech birth after a c section or is this a no no? also any baby turned head down at the last minute she is up reall...

Friday 25 April 07:13am

tyronne replied to topic NEED THOUGHTS, OPINIONS & ADVICE!!!

I am also in the same boat as you traumatic first birth which ended in c section he was stuck no matter what they tried to pull him out with.I am due on the 31may and after long long long discussio...

Thursday 27 March 06:17pm
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