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Jasismum replied to topic Sleeping Bags

My DD was about 12 months when I stopped using sleeping bags (she's now 20mnths). i found she'd roll over onto her tummy and wake herself up all the time by getting tangled in it. So I moved to sle...

Monday 03 December 10:17pm

Jasismum replied to topic excema becomes infected

Hi there! I was reading an article recently on 'Manuka Honey' and it's effect on excema. It's quite often used on diabetic ulcers etc and the speed it heals everything is amazing! Specialists have ...

Friday 19 October 05:43pm

Jasismum replied to topic bad cough

I'm like you all! Sick and tired of trips to the dr only to be told they can't do much. I took my 18mnth old there about 3 weeks ago cause she's had a bad cough, sniffles, temps etc and I also bec...

Thursday 20 September 07:48pm

Jasismum replied to topic 16 month old will only take milk from a bottle? How do I fix this and drop the bottles?

Maybe also try taking him out shopping for his own special cup (even though you already have one or more!). Maybe he might get attached to it if you let him choose the cup himself. And just keep th...

Saturday 15 September 06:34pm

Jasismum started new topic Highchair dramas

Hi all! My 17mnth old dd seems to hate sitting in her highchair to eat and it's really driving me nuts! I'll trust her to begin with and don't strap her in until she gets too naughty. She'll start...

Tuesday 28 August 07:19am

Jasismum replied to topic Do i say something?

I would definately say something if you know something is wrong with his hearing. If you clap or call his name does he turn around? Does he acknowledge other sounds? Does he dance or clap his hands...

Monday 16 July 07:36pm

Jasismum replied to topic 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

If you've got a little portable cd player - a bit of the old wiggle music might be good! Then you could also play pass the parcel. You could also get a little pinata(sp?) - you can get some cheap o...

Sunday 15 July 07:18pm

Jasismum replied to topic Tea for a 17 mnth old?

Here ya go! Have a read of this article, quite interesting! Is there as much caffeine in tea as there is in coffee? Andrew's going to send a sample of coffee and also a sample of some tea off to ...

Saturday 14 July 07:05am

Jasismum replied to topic Tea for a 17 mnth old?

Hi there! My 15month old likes tea also and I'll give her a few sips here and there. There was a story on tv the other week I was watching that was comparing the amount of caffeine in coffee and te...

Friday 13 July 07:32pm

Jasismum replied to topic Want to wean off breast but need advice!

Oh I forgot to mention that yes she is on cows milk but she has never taken to a bottle - won't have anything to do with it what so ever! So I got her one of those bottles with the straw and she dr...

Wednesday 11 July 08:07am

Jasismum started new topic Want to wean off breast but need advice!

Hi all! I would like to wean my 15month dd off the breast all together (want to get pregnant again.) but I'm not sure what I can do. She only has 3 feeds/day (when not in childcare, otherwise she ...

Tuesday 10 July 07:05pm

Jasismum replied to topic Who gives their 17mnth old tea?

My 15month old has been having little sips from my cup every now and then also and loves it! If you make her own, as you said it was going to be quite milky and it's usually very diluted in the wat...

Thursday 28 June 10:18am

Jasismum started new topic ok to offer food after vomiting?

Hi all! My nearly 15month dd had a bit of a spew just before her bedtime tonight so concequently threw up her dinner. I'm not sure why, maybe overtireness or to do with her teeth - I don't know. Bu...

Thursday 14 June 06:57pm

Jasismum replied to topic Are vapourisers safe for toddlers with Asthma?

Hi! I just read recently in the paper that 'they' (I guess doctors or scientists or some sort of health experts) are starting to poo poo the idea of vapourisers because it can be linked to asthma i...

Sunday 10 June 07:34pm

Jasismum replied to topic advice needed on discipling.

I too agree with the cot idea. Maybe try a 'naughty mat/rug' or a chair and sit him on that for time out for a few minutes (away from any toys and distractions of course). The problem would be gett...

Friday 08 June 07:31pm

Jasismum started new topic All of a sudden not coping in childcare...

Hi All! I'm new to this site and haven't posted much as yet but I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with: I not sure if this is the right area but my 14mnth dd has been going to childc...

Thursday 07 June 07:13pm

Jasismum replied to topic Cradle Cap

I used to find plain old olive oil was quite good - also johnsons baby oil! Both are cheap too! Just rub it over bubs head before bed and leave it over night, then wash it out the next bath. It may...

Thursday 07 June 05:56am

Jasismum replied to topic Going back to work - need to introduce formula

I tried all different sorts of formulas on my bub but she wouldn't have a bar of any of them, so I can't recommend a formula for you - But as far as introducing it, try combining half b/m and half ...

Monday 04 June 07:21pm

Jasismum replied to topic slow growing hair

What colour hair does she have? Apparently red or fair/blonde hair grow much slower (in babies) than darker haired bubs. Fairer kids seem to have thinner hair than dark haired also for some reason....

Saturday 02 June 08:39pm

Jasismum replied to topic Unsupportive husband

Oh Hugs to you all! I'm so glad I'm not the only one too!! Where do I start with mine?? I've recently gone back to work myself (part time) but I'm usually up until 2-3am doing chores so I can stay...

Tuesday 29 May 08:14pm
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