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ali69 replied to topic To work or not to work?

i worked up til i was about 15 weeks but was very sick so i finished up at the day care centre i worked at. haven't worked for 14months now. i am looking at going back to work very soon or at t...

Thursday 06 September 06:56am

ali69 replied to topic City v's Country Kids

i lived in both places when i grow up. i loved living in the big city for 11yrs, but now i have have children of my own annd have been living in a country town for 4yrs and wouldn't change it for...

Thursday 06 September 06:42am

ali69 replied to topic hubby's working away

hi stacey, i know how you feel, my partner has aplyed for a job in the mine which is 2weeks on and one week off. i wasnt very happy about it at first. exspecially with 3 kids at home.. but then i ...

Thursday 06 September 06:24am

ali69 replied to topic I need an ANSWER QUICKLY PLEASE ADVISE ME!!!!

i would get her checked out as if your daughter does have chicken pox she will be excluded until she has a doc certificate to clear her. i would send her sister and just let her group leader and a...

Tuesday 31 July 05:47am

ali69 replied to topic stay at home mum wondering if daycare would benefit toddler

yes day care would help your son develop his social skills and many more. but you do need to find a child care centre that suits you and you child needs. i use to work in a long day care centre. a...

Tuesday 31 July 05:34am

ali69 replied to topic Who Will Win???

i like them both but i hope aliesha wins cause it will be nice to see a girl win bb for a change.

Tuesday 31 July 05:24am

ali69 replied to topic Some advice please..

its a tough descion but i would give him the choice of borning school or the catholic high school. maybe take him to look at both so he can see what they offer. this way he can see the sporting sid...

Wednesday 25 July 07:32am

ali69 replied to topic Are we getting to money hungry?

i understand what you are saying as we pay $530 a week rent, then we pay $200 a week for food and thats with no extras (were we can we also buy home brand things).with the left over money we have b...

Wednesday 25 July 07:20am

ali69 replied to topic What's your favourite Perfume?

mine is baby doll, tommy girl and ralph lauren [Edited on 18/07/2007]

Thursday 19 July 05:44am

ali69 replied to topic wat do u think??

i admire single parents. my father died when we were 8 and my mother was great. she alway put us first, even though my dads family told her she'd never be able too look after us properly as i am a ...

Thursday 19 July 05:34am

ali69 replied to topic What does your dh do ?

mine is a electrition and he works a standered 8 to 12hr day. thats if there is no brake downs at one of the mines he services. some days he leaves at 5am and i dont see him til 9pm.

Thursday 19 July 05:26am

ali69 replied to topic Natural Vs C-Section.

my little girl has slept through the night since 3mnths old and before that was only waking up for 1 night feed and i had an emergency c section. while my best friend was fully dialated before she...

Thursday 19 July 05:20am

ali69 replied to topic Should i take offence ??? Is THIS BREASTFEEDING DISCRIMINATION?

i never went into an other room while breast feeding except at dinner time if we had guests over. i use to feed bub at the shopping centre with a blanket over her to cover every thing. Stand up fo...

Friday 13 July 09:25am

ali69 replied to topic Grocery Shopping

if you buy your formula at a chemist, you can pick up smaller tins if you are breast feeding and bottle feeding. they usally are only $10.

Friday 13 July 09:19am

ali69 replied to topic Grocery Shopping

we spend about $200 a week, with 3 kids and a hubby which also doesn't like going with out. we also buy no name brands and brands on special. the kids lunches are the most expensive. it also helps ...

Friday 13 July 09:11am


cogratulations mel. good to hear everyone is doing fine

Thursday 12 July 03:48am

ali69 replied to topic Baby Panadol

i agree with you supermummy my children do not get panadol or nurafen unless they are really destressed with a high temp, and i have never used it while teething. while studing for my cert3 in chi...

Saturday 30 June 08:26am

ali69 replied to topic Do you think this is creepy??

um no i havent, but yes it is very creepy and i would be going to the police just incase the man was casing your house. actually when i think about it i had a male come to my door about a month or...

Saturday 30 June 08:12am

ali69 replied to topic Anyone seen this email circulating to parents?

i have heard this before and yes it scared the s**t out of me. i use to live in bris and the play centre i use to take my cousin to use to have a ball pit in it. they found dirty nappies in it an...

Saturday 30 June 08:01am

ali69 replied to topic how old is everybody here??

i am 23 but turning 24 on the 10th of july... yay not long now.

Saturday 30 June 07:50am
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